How to Add Page Numbers to PDF on Mac

Adding page numbers, headers and footers to your PDF document will make it look more organized. More so, if you want to refer to some content on your PDF file, it is easier to quote the page number from the file. More so, the page numbers will help you to mark and remember the part you were reading in case you want to continue reading the document later. In that case, this article describes how to add page numbers to PDF on Mac.

How to Add Page Number to PDF on Mac

Wondershare PDFelement is the right tool for you to work with PDF files. Download and install it and then follow the steps below to add page numbers to a PDF on Mac.

STEP 1. Open a PDF in PDFelement

add page numbers to pdf mac

Launch PDFelement on your Mac first and then import the PDF file that you want to insert page numbers to. Go to the Home window and then click the "Open File..." button. The option will take you to your local folders to select the PDF file that you want to use.

The other alternative to importing the PDF is by going to the "File" menu and then selects the "Open" option from the submenu. The action will lead you to your documents, and you will be able to select the file that you want to open.

STEP 2. Add Header and Footer to PDF

adding page numbers to pdf mac

Once your PDF has been uploaded successfully, go to the right pane and then select "Header & Footer" from the menu. And then from the submenu select "Add".

A new dialogue box will appear. In the dialogue box, enter the header content. Choose either to "Left Header Text, Center Header Text or Right Header Text". When you click on the "+" button you will be able to choose "Insert Page Number". After that go to footer and enter the preferred footer text either at the Left, Center or Footer box.

STEP 3. Choose Page Range to Apply

add page number to pdf mac

You then choose the page range that you want the page numbers to appear by clicking "Page Range" option, which is just above the preview pane. One you have inserted the header and the footer and the page range, click "OK" to see the changes in the new document.

STEP 4. Customize Appearance of Header and Footer

how to add page numbers to a pdf mac

To customize the look of the new header and footer, click the "Arrow" button at the bottom left corner of the Header & Footer window. Then you can make all the necessary changes that you want to see in your document. For instance, you can decide the page number format, the font and the appearance. Finally, click the "OK" button to insert page numbers to your PDF.

STEP 5. Remove Page Numbers from PDF on Mac

pdf page number mac

If you want to remove PDF headers and footers, go to the "Page" menu on the top toolbar. From the submenu, select the "Header & Footer" option. Once the option is opened, choose the "Remove" option. The program will then prompt you to confirm if you want to remove headers and footers, click on "OK" to delete all the headers and footers at once.

STEP 6. Save the Changes

add page numbers to a pdf mac

To save the changes, go to the "File" menu and then select "Save".