How to Add PDF Background on Mac

Adding background can enhance or give a professional effect to your PDF files. With the right tool, users can set background color or images in a PDF document. In this article, I will introduce you a powerful and flexible PDF solution and the way to add PDF background on Mac. Read on to check it out.

How to Add Background to PDF on Mac

If you need to change the default PDF background to something more professional and simple. You can rely on Wondershare PDFelement for Mac. Download and install the program, and then follow the steps below to complete your task.

STEP 1. Upload PDF to PDFelement

pdf background mac

Launch PDFelement on Mac and click the "Open File" option at the bottom-right side to browse for your PDF file and open it. your PDF document. You can also open scanned PDF documents from your Mac to add background to it.

STEP 2. Add Background to a PDF on Mac

pdf background color mac

To add background, tap "Background" tool at the right-hand side of the main menu. Select "Add" in order to open the "Add Background" pop up window. You can modify the background source in terms of color, image or PDF as per your requirement.

  • Add PDF background color on Mac: under Source, choose any color using the "From Color" option. To get more color options, click "Show Colors".
  • Add PDF background image on Mac: select "Image" under Source, to select any image from mac. Choose image by clicking the folder icon and choose any suitable image from your Mac.
  • Add PDF as background on Mac: select "PDF" from "Source" and select any PDF background from the folder icon. Choose any PDF from your Mac and click "OK".

STEP 3. Change Background Settings

background pdf mac

Customize the background settings to adjust rotation or opacity level to enhance your PDF file. In case you want to make sure that background is modified in specific pages, then select "Arrow" icon at the bottom left of the pop up window and specify page range. After modifying the settings, select "OK" so that the settings are applied in the background.

STEP 4. Update PDF Background on Mac

pdf background image mac

You may want to replace the old background settings of the original document with a new background of your own choice. Open the PDF file and tap "Source" under "Background" menu option on the right side. Under that, update your PDF file with a suitable watermark settings and then click "Add" to save the changes.

STEP 5. Remove Background from PDF on Mac

add background to pdf mac

To delete background from PDF, simply open the PDF document in PDFelement. Select the "Background" button at the right side followed by the "Remove" option. It will immediately open a prompt message, asking whether you want to permanently remove the background or not. You can select "Yes" if you want to remove the background. Or else you can select "No" to keep the background.

Note: You can modify or apply settings to any specific pages by choosing the Page range settings or click the "Add (+)" button to apply changes into multiple pages of the document. You can also modify the appearance & position of the background of the document. Don’t forget to click "OK" to finalize the changes.