How to Add PDF Link on Mac

As a PDF user, you can add links to a PDF when you want to explain to people what a particular item means or when you want to connect the item to related information. Most people are eager to know how to add a link to a PDF so that they can link people to more detailed information from the website. Adding a link to a PDF is an easy task, and it does not require any complicated steps. You can also customize the links and bring them to your desired appearance even after adding them to your file. In that connection, the article below aims at explaining on how to add PDF link on Mac.

How to Add Link to PDF on Mac

Below is a guide on how to add hyperlink to PDF on Mac with Wondershare PDFelement for Mac. Before getting started, download and install the program on your Mac.

STEP 1. Open a PDF with PDFelement on Mac

pdf link mac

Launch PDFelement on Mac and then import a PDF file by clicking the "Open File" button and then browsing your computer, selecting files and opening them. You can as well add a PDF file to the program by control-clicking it and then selecting "Open with" and then choose "PDFelement” to open your PDF file in the program

STEP 2. Link to Page in PDF on Mac

link to pdf mac

To add a link to a precise page in your PDF, go to the "Edit" menu. A series of annotation tools will be shown on the "Edit" menu on the toolbar. From the tools listed select the "Add Links to PDF File" icon that appears second last to the right on the formatting toolbar.

You will then have to set the appearance of the link. Choose style, thickness, stroke color and opacity. Then click on the text field, a link action will then appear. Copy the link under the "Open web page" and enter the specific page to link it. After that, click on the "OK" button.

STEP 3. Link to Webpage in PDF on Mac

hyperlink pdf mac

If you want to link a web page to your document, go to the tools pane positioned at the top and then click the "Edit" button. Various annotations tools will be listed under the "Edit" menu. From there, select the option "Add Links to PDF". After that, you need to draw a rectangle on your PDF to indicate the place where you want to insert the link. Then after drawing a rectangle, double click the area adds the link. A pop-up dialogue box will appear, from the dialogue box, enter the URL of the web page that you want to link your PDF document and then click the "Set Link" option to add the link and link the PDF to a web page.

STEP 4. Edit PDF Link on Mac

link pdf mac

You can still edit the link to customize it as you want. To customize the link on your PDF, go to the Edit pane. Then hit the “Appearance” icon on the tools pane. From there, right click on the rectangle that you had drawn to activate the editing options.

From there, you can make all the modifications that you want to appear on the link. More so, you can customize the link typo, or you can choose the line form and the color, style, thickness and opacity to apply to the link. Besides, you can also indicate the author and the time information of the link.

STEP 5. Save the changes

pdf hyperlink mac

Once you are done adding and making changes to the link, you can now save the changes to the document by going to the "File > Save" option.