How to Annotate PDF on Mac

With PDF clearly establishing itself as the standard format for exchanging and storing information over the last few decades, it has become increasingly necessary to find ways to annotate documents. Now highlighting text, underlining it and striking it through, making comments, adding sticky notes or callouts or even drawing free hand on PDF can be accomplished with great ease. Now I will explain you how to annotate PDF on Mac.

How to Perform PDF Annotation on Mac

Below are the steps for annotating PDF on Mac with Wondershare PDFelement for Mac. PDFelement is a much easier tool to use and it is more comprehensive as well. With a single click, you get all your annotation tools displayed within reach on the toolbar, allowing you to markup your document, insert text comments and much more in an intuitive manner, thus truly increasing your productivity. It supports Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

STEP 1. Import a PDF into PDF Annotator for Mac

pdf annotator mac

Launch PDFelement from the Dock or the Launchpad. Its Home window will prompt you to upload a PDF document, which you can do by clicking on the "Open File" button on the left side of the page and then selecting the PDF document that you would like to annotate.

STEP 2. Highlight, Underline, Strikethrough Text in PDF on Mac

annotate pdf mac

Highlighting in the sense of annotating digital documents mimics a highlighter pen by changing the color of the space surrounding the selected text. Much like underlining, it can be helpful when you want to emphasize the content of the selected text. On the other hand, strikethrough places a line straight across a selected word or phrase and is often used to mark text recommended for deletion.

To carry out any of those tasks, click on the "Highlight" button in the grouping on the extreme upper right of the toolbar. It resembles a highlighter pen. After that, use the cursor to select the text you want to highlight. The text is highlighted in yellow by default, but you can customize the color if you wish. To strikethrough or underline, follow the same steps but select the drop-down arrow next to the “Highlight” button for those options.

STEP 3. Add Text Comment, Sticky Note, Callout to PDF on Mac

pdf annotation mac

Text comments, sticky notes, and callouts can be very useful when collaborating with others on the same document or when cross referencing. Click on the "Edit" button in the grouping of icons in the middle of the toolbar. When it is activated, it will turn blue and more markup options will be displayed just below the toolbar. This is where you will find the options to add text comments, sticky notes, and callouts to your PDF. Click on each and place the cursor where you would like the respective comment, note or callout to appear.

STEP 4. Draw Freehand Markups in PDF on Mac

pdf annotator for mac

You can also draw freehand on the document much as you would when going through an actual paper document with your pen. Simply activate the "Comment" button and click on the "Pencil" icon on the far-left corner in the list of extra options that appears just below the toolbar. Then you can start drawing on your PDF. To remove the markup, click the "Eraser" icon.

STEP 5. Hide Annotations from PDF on Mac

mac pdf annotation

Once you have made your annotations, to view your document as it was before, click the "Markup" icon and then the "Eye" icon on the far right of the list of extra options that appear just below the toolbar. Then your annotations will be hidden. To show annotations, click the "Trash" icon again.

STEP 6. Delete Annotations from PDF on Mac

 pdf annotations on mac

To permanently remove annotations from your document, click the Comment" button on the toolbar and then select the respective annotation. Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard to remove it. If you want to delete all the annotations from your PDF at a time. Then select a type or all types of annotations to delete in batch. When you are done, remember to save your document.