How to Convert PDF to Pages on Mac

Pages refer to the Apple's word processor. It is one of the most important iWork suites that you can use to edit your work quickly. Besides, pages enable the viewing of documents through the iOS device and Mac OS. Most documents are saved in PDF format and there comes a time to convert it to different formats including pages. If you want to convert PDF to Pages on Mac, this article walks you through the process.

How to Convert PDF to iWork Pages on Mac

STEP 1. Open PDF with PDF to Pages Converter

convert pdf to pages

After ensuring that your PDFelement is running, proceed to import the PDF file that you want to work on, to the program. You can click the "Convert PDF" button in the Home window and go to the local folder to select the PDF file that you want to convert to pages. When you choose the file, click "Open" again, and it will be imported to the application. You can also add more PDF files by hitting the "+".

The PDFelement supports batch and partial conversion and therefore, you can import as many PDFs as you can for conversion.

STEP 2. Set Pages as Output Format

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To pick the output format for your file, click on the "Convert" button at the top right if you had opened the file on the program. On the conversion window you have to select output format. Click on the Convert icon and then choose "Word Processing (.Pages)" as the output format from the submenu.

STEP 3. Select Page Range to Convert

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You need to choose the pages that you want to convert. For you to choose the correct pages, click on pages under the file imported. Once you click on the button, various options will be displayed, choose "Page Range" from here, you can enter the series of pages that you need to change to pages. For instance, you can select all odd or even pages, and you can also choose "All Pages".

STEP 4. Enable OCR For Scanned PDF

how to convert pdf to pages

For scanned PDFs, you need to enable the OCR before converting the PDF. Just click the "OCR" button at the bottom right to enable it. Next, a window will appear that allows you to select the language for your scanned PDF. This is the language in which your document is written in. Therefore, it is important to choose the PDF OCR language correctly.

STEP 5. Start Converting PDF into Pages

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When you are happy with the settings for the new file, click the "Convert" button. After hitting the button, a new pop-up will emerge prompting you to select a name and a location for your converted document.

Once you have given the name and chosen the site for the new file, click the "Save" button to start converting your PDF to Pages. The process will take a few seconds, and you can observe the process of the conversion. The program will then notify you once the conversion is complete.