How to Convert PDF to Word on Mac

Even though PDF is the best file format for sharing information online unless you have the right knowledge and the right program, editing a PDF is never easy. In that case, if you want to make any relevant changes to a PDF on Mac, the best option is to convert it to Word and then make the changes from there. Other reason that may necessitate the conversion of a PDF to Word is a scenario where you only have a PDF format, but the Word format is needed. For whatever reasons, you want to convert your PDF, this article guides on how to convert PDF to Word on Mac.

How to Convert PDF into Word on Mac

Once you have installed and launched the PDFelement on your Mac, you can then follow the guide below to save PDF as Word with this great PDF to Word converter for Mac.

STEP 1. Import the PDF You Want to Convert

pdf to word mac

After running PDFelement on your computer, you then need to upload all the PDFs you want to convert. To do this, click on the "Convert PDF" button on the Home window. A small conversion window will appear. From there click on "Add Files" to load all your PDFs to perform batch conversions. PDFelement allows you to convert as many PDF files as you want and therefore there is no boundary to the number of PDFs that you import into the program.

STEP 2. Choose Word as Output File Format

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Since you are converting your PDF into Word document, navigate to the convert icon on the top right corner. The "W" option is a short form for Word. You can also click the "W" button to choose the word as the output format.

STEP 3. Select a Range of Pages to Convert (Optional)

converting pdf to word mac

Once you have chosen the output format, click on pages of the file. From the options displayed on the submenu, select the "Page Range" option and then enter the pages that you want to convert into Word. The page ranges are odd page, even page, and current page. You can also decide to select either all even or all old pages and convert them. In case you want to convert all the pages in that PDF document, click "All Pages" to make sure that every page in the selected PDF files will be converted into Word.

STEP 4. Enable OCR for Converting Scanned PDF to Word

how to convert pdf to word on mac

If you want to convert scanned PDFs, you should enable the OCR on your program. To enable the OCR, click the "OCR" button at the bottom left and then choose the language for your document. If it is an English document, select "English" language. PDFelement supports over 20 OCR languages and can accurately recognize text from scanned PDF files.

STEP 5. Start Converting PDF to Word Document

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Once you have set all the conversion settings that you want, move your cursor to the bottom right and hit the "Convert" button. You will be prompted to select a name and location to save the files or the file that you have converted. After giving a name, and selecting the location for your file, click on "Save" to start converting your PDF to Word. You will be able to observe the process as it takes place and a new pop-up message will appear to inform you once the conversion is completed. The process will take a few seconds depending on the number and size of PDF files that you were converting.