How to Create PDF Form on Mac

Creating fillable PDF forms is almost everyone's desire since it makes it easy for you to fill in PDFs without having to download and print them. You can create PDF forms from templates or from blank documents depending on how you want the form to be. More so, when you want to change the properties of the form, you can easily do so with the help of the PDFelement. Changing the properties enables you to modify the form and insert the fillable fields or even edit or add text in the form. More so, you can use data from a different document by importing the data from other file formats. Exporting the form data from other files is also possible. The article below gives detailed steps to create PDF form on Mac.

How to Create a PDF Form on Mac

Wondershare PDFelement is the best choice when you are looking for PDF Form Creator for Mac. Below are the clear steps for creating fillable PDF forms on Mac with PDFelement.

STEP 1. Create Fillable PDF Form from Templates

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To save some time and energy, you can create a PDF form from templates. PDFelement has existing templates that you can use to create your PDF. You can also opt to download the template that you want from the Internet by clicking on "File" on the toolbar. Then click on "PDF from file". After downloading or choosing your template, click the "Create PDF" button on the Home window, or you can go to the "From File" option and load the form template that you want to use.

STEP 2. Create a Fillable PDF Form from Blank Document

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Creating a PDF form from a blank document means that you need to start afresh. Go to the "File" option and then from the options you click the "Create" button. Then select from "Blank Document". The program will enable you to name the file and it will then be opened on the program.

Next click on "File", then utilize the text box, list box, checkbox, and drop down to custom make a PDF form.

STEP 3. Change Properties of Form Options

how to create a pdf form mac

To change the properties of the PDF form, click the "Forms" tab to show all the interactive field options. Then, click the "Edit Field" button to create a fillable form. After that, tap the "Form Field" tool and move your mouse over the PDF page to add an interactive field. When you are done creating the interactive field, double-click the field to display the properties dialogue box. From here, you can now give a name to the check box.

When you click on the "Text Field" of the form you can be able to align, distribute and edit fields.

You can also set its colors, appearance, styles, etc. If you want to insert a text to the PDF form, click the "Edit" menu and select "Add Text" after that, you can move the mouse to the PDF area and click on the form area where you want to add text and type the text you want to add.

STEP 4. Import or Export PDF Form Data

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Click on the "Tasks" button to display all the output options. Then move the cursor to the right-hand side. Click on "Import Data", the program will allow you to choose and upload the file that you want to import data from it.

Below the "Import Data" button is the “Export Data” button. A dialogue box will appear. Under “Save As” provide the name of the file and then choose where to "Save" the file. Complete exporting data from the PDF form by clicking on "Save" button.

STEP 5. Save PDF Forms

how to create pdf forms mac

Once you are done creating a fillable PDF form and changing its properties, you need to save the changes. To keep these changes, go to the "File" menu and then hit "Save As". After that, choose the destination for your PDF form and give it a name. Then click "Save", and the new document will be saved in your selected location.