How to Edit PDF Image on Mac

It is quite true that the Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most used and easiest way to send documents to various computers, websites and mobile devices. Most computer operating systems have a PDF reader to view and read the PDF document. However, most PDFs contain images and no computer supports the editing of images in the PDF files. Therefore, in this article, detailed steps are given on how to edit image in PDF on Mac.

How to Edit PDF Images on Mac

STEP 1. Open a PDF with PDF Image Editor for Mac

pdf image editor mac

After installing PDFelement for Mac, launch it and then import a PDF file, which you want to edit the images. To import the PDF, open it by clicking "Open File" button on the home window. Select the file folder from where you want to the PDF and then click the "Open" button again. You can also go to click on "Edit PDF" on the home window.

STEP 2. Add Image to PDF on Mac

edit pdf image mac

To enter the editing mode, go to the "Edit" tab on the top of the menu and then click "Add Image". Then you can import images from your local computer and place the images anywhere you want.

STEP 3. Resize and Reposition Image in PDF on Mac

pdf photo editor mac
  • To resize the image or to position it in the right place, click the "Edit" button and select an image in your PDF. The image will display blue corners. Use your mouse drag or push the blue corners to meet the desired size and position.

STEP 4. Crop Image in PDF on Mac

how to edit a pdf image mac

To crop an image on a PDF, click the "Edit" button on the top of the toolbar. Then double click the target image. A new window will appear with four different editing options. From the four options, click "Crop" from there, and then use the mouse to adjust the image to show only the important aspects. You can crop the images into different sizes depending on what you want to display on the image.

STEP 5. Replace Image in PDF on Mac

edit pdf images mac

To replace the image, click the "Edit" button from the toolbar. Then double click the image and from the four choices that will be displayed in the new window, choose “Replace” after that you be prompted to select a new image from your computer to replace the current one. Click the new image, and the old one will be replaced.

STEP 6. Extract Images from PDF on Mac

edit pdf images on mac

To extract an image from the PDF, click the "Edit" button and then double click the image on the PDF to select it. A pop-up window will appear displaying various options. From the options click "Extract". Two options will be displayed. The options are “Extract current image” and "Extract All Images in the PDF File" choose between the two options depending on the images you want to extract. Then specify the destination folder for the image and click "Save" to output the image.

STEP 7. Rotate Image in PDF on Mac

edit pdf a image on mac

To rotate the image in your PDF, double click on the image and a window will appear. Click on "Rotate" button. A on the left side, click the second button label as None, which include options like "Rotate Right 90°, Rotate Left 90° and Rotate 180°". Below that there is a "Degree" button that allows you to specify the degrees you want to rotate your image.

STEP 8. Flip PDF Image on Mac

edit  images pdf

To flip the image, click the "Edit" button, select the image that you want to flip and then double click on the image to activate the editing window. From there, click the "Rotate" option so that you can access the flipping options. A new window will be shown, first click the "None" button and choose "Flip Horizontal" or "Flip Vertical" from the submenu depending on your needs and then click "OK" to flip the image.

STEP 9. Save Your PDF Document

edit pdf images in mac

To save the new changes, navigate to the "File" option on the right corner of your computer. Then hit the "Save" choice to save the new changes to your PDF file.