How to Edit PDF Pages on Mac

Apart from viewing and reading a PDF document, you can make a lot of changes to a PDF file. A variety of editing options can be done to the entire PDF document or specific pages of the PDF. Some of the page editing that one can perform on a PDF file includes, cropping pages, inserting pages, extracting pages, rotating pages and replacing pages. The article below gives a detailed guideline on how to edit PDF pages on Mac.

How to Edit Pages in PDF on Mac

STEP 1. Import a PDF into Program

edit pdf pages mac

First, ensure that the PDF that you want to work on is imported to the program after launching it. The easiest option to add the PDF is clicked the "Open File" button on the primary window of the program. Then go to the local folders and select the PDF file and it will be imported into the program. Another way of uploading PDF file is by clicking on "Edit PDF" on the home window.

STEP 2. Insert Pages into PDF on Mac

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Insert pages to a PDF, open the PDF file and then navigate to the "Page" menu on the right side. Then choose "Insert". Upload a file and then specify the pages that you want to add from the file uploaded and where to add on the existing file (location). You can also insert a blank page that you wish to add some information on by clicking the "Insert Blank Page" button.

STEP 3. Delete Pages from PDF on Mac

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  • Open the PDF file from where you want to delete pages. From there go to the "Page" menu, and then click "Delete". A prompt will pop up, requesting you to choose the page you want to delete. Enter the page number, or the page ranges that you want to delete from your PDF file and click "Delete" to confirm the deletion. The shortcut for deleting pages is "D".

STEP 4. Crop PDF Pages on Mac

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Cropping images on a PDF lets you get rid of document borders that you do not want and ensure that you are left with the valuable information. To crop the PDF, go to the "Page" menu. From the many options that will be displayed on the topside of the program's window select the "Crop" option and then move the mouse over the page of your PDF to select the range or the part that you want to crop. Then double click the selected part to get more cropping options. You can manually enter inches that you want to crop the file to under "Source" and then select the page range.

STEP 5. Rotate PDF Pages on Mac

how to edit pdf pages mac

Rotating a PDF page helps you situate or locate the document in the right angle for better reading. To rotate the PDF page on Mac, go to the "Page" menu, click it and then from the many options that will be shown, select "Rotate". From the rotation options, choose the angles in the increments of 90°, -90° and 180°. Then choose the page range that you want to rotate. After that preview the result and if you are satisfied with the rotations, click "OK".

STEP 6. Replace Pages in PDF on Mac

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Replacing a PDF page means removing the old one and inserting a new page to take the place of the old one. You can replace some of the pages in your PDF file. To replace the pages just click the "Page" menu from the top of the toolbar. Then from the many options that are displayed on the toolbar, select "Replace" then select the page ranges that you want to replace from original PDF. Next enter the pages to replace with the file that you will upload. After that click "OK" to select the new pages that you want to replace with the current ones.

STEP 7. Extract Pages from PDF on Mac

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To extract one or multiple pages from the PDF, go to the "Page" menu on the right and then hit the "Extract" button from the many options that will be displayed. To extract the pages easily, customize the page range that you wish to extract and then under target folder, create a folder to extract pages. From there, click on "Extract" button.

STEP 8. Save the Changes

how to edit pdf pages on mac

Once you are done editing the PDF pages, you have to save the document in order to save the changes. To save these changes, go to the "File" option from the main menu. Then from the listed options select "Save" and your edited PDF file will be saved.