How to Edit PDF Text on Mac

PDF file format is the best way to store information since the document is incorruptible. Editing text in PDF on Mac is no longer a hard task. You can add or remove some texts in a PDF for better uses. Now let’s learn how to edit PDF text on Mac.

How to Edit Text in PDF on Mac

STEP 1. Import PDF into Wondershare PDFelement for Mac

edit pdf text mac

Once you have launched PDFelement on your Mac, add the PDF file in which you want to edit the text. You can import files to the program by clicking the "Open File" button at the button right, and the PDFelement will direct you to a finder where you will have to search and open the PDF you want to edit. Once you locate the PDF, just click to open it and it will be imported into the program. Alternatively, click on the "Edit PDF" button, which is boldly indicated under the blue are. The PDF will then be opened in the program.

STEP 2. Edit PDF Text on Mac

edit text in pdf mac

Next, click the "Edit" button to enter the editing mode. Select between "Paragraph Mode" and "Line mode", the option will let you edit the text in a line or paragraph-bounding box. Selecting the whole paragraph will let you edit the entire paragraph, one paragraph at a time in your PDF while the line editing lets you edit a single line at a time in your PDF text.

STEP 3. Edit Text in a PDF on Mac

how to edit text in pdf mac
  • Modify PDF Text on Mac: At the top toolbar, hit the "Edit" button to start editing your text in the PDF. You can double click the text block to add, delete, or modify the text.
  • Add Text to PDF on Mac: If you want to add a new text on the PDF, click the "Edit" button at the top of the toolbar. Then click "Add Text". After that, you should use the mouse or cursor of your computer and draw a text block on your PDF at the particular place where you want to add the text. Then type the text.
  • Delete Text from PDF on Mac: To remove unwanted text from your PDF, select the text by highlighting it using your cursor or the mouse. The go to your computer's keyboard and press the "Delete" button. The text will be removed from your PDF. You can modify the text by removing some typing errors, spelling mistakes, just highlight the text, and type the changes that you want.

STEP 4. Change Font Size, Color in PDF on Mac

pdf text editor mac

Text Autofit: PDFelement will automatically match the font that was in your PDF thus letting you type in the same font that was on your PDF document. The newly typed text will flow naturally into adjacent lines. The lines and the character spacing will be consistent thus giving your PDF file a uniform look. But you will also be able to adjust the font size, font type, color or make your text bold and italic per your needs.

  • Change Font Size in PDF on Mac: Click the "Edit" button and click on the text field and the font options will be activated on the formatting toolbar. Select the font size that you want for your file.
  • Change Text Color in PDF on Mac: Highlight your text and then click the "Font Color" option, and choose the color that you want from the list. The default color is often displayed as a black block on the formatting bar next to font option.

STEP 5. Align or Justify Text in PDF on Mac

how to edit text in a pdf mac

To align or justify your text, select it and then go to the layout options next that is situated between the "Italic" and "Mode" button. Choose the alignment that you want to apply to your text either left, right, or center.

STEP 6. Save Your PDF after Editing

how to edit text in pdfs mac

To save the editing changes made to your document, you need to keep the work. To save the changes go to "File" and then click the "Save" option. You can save the file using a new name or the existing one. The edited PDF file will be saved automatically.