How to Highlight in PDF on Mac

Sometimes you may have a lot of content to read on a PDF file, and it may be hard to locate the text that contained some specific information when you want to refer. The best thing you can do is to highlight the specific text so that you can recognize it easily. Besides, you can also remove specific or all highlights from a PDF if you no longer need them. Therefore, the article below guides you on how to highlight in PDF on Mac.

How to Highlight PDF on Mac

STEP 1. Open a PDF in PDFelement

how to highlight in pdf mac

Launch PDFelement on your Mac and click the "Open File" button from the Home window. Choose the file from its location and hit the "Open" button to open it in the program. Alternatively, you can also locate the PDF file, then right click on it, and choose "Open with > PDFelement".

STEP 2. Highlight Text in PDF on Mac

pdf highlighter mac

To highlight PDF, click the "Highlight" button on the top right corner. Now drag the cursor over all the text that you want to highlight. You must hold down the mouse button until all the area that you want to highlight is marked, you should only let go when the relevant area that you want to mark is selected

STEP 3. Change Highlight Color in PDF on Mac

highlight pdf mac

The default highlight color is yellow. To change the color of highlighted text, you need to position the mouse pointer on the highlighted area. After that, then click the area to open the Appearance sub panel on the right side. Go ahead and adjust color and opacity of the existing highlight.

You can also control click on the highlighted text and choose "Properties", a properties window will appear at the right of the window and allow you to change the color opacity of the highlight.

STEP 4. Add Pop-Up Note to Highlight

how to highlight text in pdf mac

To add a pop-up note to your text on a PDF, click the "Comment" button on the top of the toolbar and select a highlight in your PDF. Control click on the highlight and choose "Open Pop-Up Note" from the menu. Then you can take notes on the highlight.

STEP 5. Unhighlight in PDF on Mac

how to highlight a pdf mac

To remove highlight from PDF, click the "Comment" button and then click on the "Delete" button at the far right on the formatting toolbar. A Remove Markups window will appear. Tick the Highlight option and click on the "Remove" button. All the PDF highlights will be removed at a time.

Alternatively, you can remove highlight by clicking the "Comment" button. The choose specific highlighting and press Delete on your keyboard. The highlight will be removed immediately. This method is ideal when you want to remove single highlight on texts.

STEP 6. Save the Results

how to highlight pdfs mac

After that, you need to save the PDF file by going to the "File" menu and then clicking the "Save" option. This well ensure that the changes made are saved permanently.