How to Add Image to PDF on Mac

From presentations to user manuals, magazines and self-help books, a slew of PDF file types require image elements. As such, images, such as logos, graphs, diagrams, product images, etc, are regular features of PDF files that most Mac users work with. And when it comes to methods to add images to PDF on Mac, there are a slew of options, although many are not quite complicated to use and some may mar the quality of the image in the finished copy of the PDF.

However, there are also many excellent software that not only allows you to add JPG to PDF on Mac, but to also carry out a variety of file customization options on files, such as those for merging and splitting pages, converting, protecting, etc. In the following sections of this article, we’ll provide you with simple steps to add images to PDF files using two great PDF tools: PDFelement for Mac and APowerPDF.

The following are easy steps to take to insert images into PDF files on Mac using ApowerPDF

Step 1:

Download, install and run ApowerPDF.

Step 2:

Use finder to locate the PDF file you want to insert an image in, and then choose to open it with ApowerPDF.

Step 3:

Click on the “Edit” button on the toolbar, and then select “Content Editing” > “Add Image”

Step 4:

Next, select the image you want to insert in the PDF. After a thumbnail image with cross hair pops up, move your mouse to the place where you want to insert the PDF file and then click on it. The image will be instantly inserted in that spot.

Step 5:

Next, you can use various other tools available in the app to adjust the image size, re-position the image, crop image, and lots more.

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Images such as logos, product images, diagrams, etc, are vital to most PDF files. Thankfully, there are a lot of excellent tools to use to insert PGN on PDF on Mac. At the top of the list is PDFelement for Mac, a ‘swiss-knife’, when it comes to file management. PDFelement for Mac provides you not only with tools to insert images to PDF on Mac with, but also with an impressive stack of file management tools. In the following sections, we’ll explain how to use PDFelement to insert images to PDF on Mac as well as several other ways that PDFelement can be of immense service to you.

Best PDF Tool to Add Image to PDF on Mac

From images to texts, audio files, etc, PDFelement for Mac offers a variety of tools for manipulating a slew of elements in digital files. PDFelement for Mac has caught on wildly among Mac users because of the fine balance it strikes between maximum utility and simplicity. With a few clicks of a button, users can easily access a boatload of file management tools, including tools for editing, converting, annotating, protecting and sharing files.

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PDFelement for Mac supports an exhaustive array of digital file formats, including text formats such as Word, ePub, Excel, HTML; as well as image files such as JPG, PGN, BMP, etc. The state-of-the-art PDF editor allows users to add/remove various file elements in a PDF, to annotate files using symbols such as hand-drawn symbols, squares, triangles, etc, and to do even much more. The app also comes with other state-of-the-art file management features such as OCR text extractor, a digital file converter, file encryption and password protection for files, etc.

how to add image to pdf on mac

How to Add Image to PDF on Mac with PDFelement for Mac

Step 1. Load the PDF on the App

Launch PDFelement for Mac, select “Open File” and then select the PDF file you want to edit. Alternately, you can simply drag and drop the selected PDF file in the home screen of the running app.

insert image to pdf mac

Step 2: Insert Image into PDF on Mac

Select “Edit” > “Add Image”, choose the image you want to add, and then drag and drop the image to the spot where you want to insert it in the PDF.

add jpg to pdf mac

Step 3: Edit Image on PDF (Optional)

To further tweak the image according to your discretion, simply click on the image to activate image editing options such as resizing, cropping, etc.

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