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How to Convert iBooks to PDF

iBooks is Apple’s proprietary eBook application that supports ePub files and facilitates Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection for eBook files. DRM provides access control that prevents the unauthorized use of protected contents in an eBook. However, you need to convert iBook to PDF in order to view it on other devices, since iBooks contents cannot be opened on operating systems other than iOS and Mac.

Mac users may need to convert iBooks to PDF frequently in order to be able to share it with loved ones or colleagues who use devices other than Apple products, including Kindle, Windows PC, Android phones, etc. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a better reading experience by converting iBooks to PDF.

How to Convert iBooks to PDF

1. Dealing with DRM Protection on iBook Files

Most iBook files come with DRM protection, especially those bought from the iBook store. And you can’t convert iBook files while they still have DRM protection on them. In order to convert iBook to PDF when the file has DRM protection, you need to first of all run the iBook through an iBook DRM removal tool such as TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac.

TunesKit iBook Copy is an excellent DRM protection remover that churns out DRM-free iBook copies without erasing any original meta data such as author name, publish date, date of last modification, etc. After you remove the DRM protection from an iBook file, you can then proceed to convert it to PDF to make it accessible on a wider range of devices.

2. To Remove DRM Protection from iBook Files by TunesKit iBook Copy,

Step 1: Download, install and run TunesKit iBook Copy, and then open the DRM-ed iBook file on the app by clicking “Add file” from the menu bar and then locating and selecting the file. You can also drag and drop the file directly on the opened app window to load it on the app.

pdf editor mac

Step 2: Next, tweak the output settings such as output folder, etc, and then initiate the DRM removal process by clicking “Convert”.

pdf editor mac

In a short while, the removal process will be completed, and your iBook file rendered as a DRM-free ePub file. Note that you can convert multiple files by loading multiple files when executing step 1 before proceeding with the other steps. But it might take longer for the DRM removal process to be completed the greater the number of files loaded in one batch.

3. Easy Steps to Convert iBooks to PDF

Now that you have with you iBook files with no DRM protection on them, you can convert them to a cross-platform compatible file format that is PDF. For this we recommend using two great iBooks to PDF converters: The Epubor ultimate eBook converter and Calibre.

Tip 1: Convert DRM-free iBook Files to PDF by Epubor Ultimate

Step 1: Download, install and launch Epubor Ultimate on your Mac, and then load the DRM-free iBook epub file on the running app.

Step 2: Next, customize the output settings and select “PDF” as your desired output format.

Step 3: Once you’re satisfied with the customization options, click on “Convert” to initiate the conversion process. Your iBook epub file will then be ready in PDF format in a jiffy.

pdf editor mac

Tip 2: Convert DRM-free iBook Files to PDF Using Calibre

Step 1: Download, install and open Calibre on your Mac

Step 2: Load the DRM-free iBook epub file to be converted on the app by clicking “Add Books” from the menu bar and then selecting the iBook you want to convert.

Step 3: With the file loaded, select “Convert Books”, and then customize the conversion settings on the next window that will pop up afterward. Select “PDF” as your output format.

Step 4: With all the customization options tweaked according to your discretion, select “OK” to begin the conversion. It’ll only take a few seconds before you have your output PDF file is created.

pdf editor mac

Tools to Work Use on iBook Files That You’ve Converted to PDF

Now that you know how to easily convert iBook to PDF, you can customize newly converted files even further to suit your needs. With PDFelement for Mac, you can edit, convert, protect and share PDF files without sweating it. That’s because the app provides access to a rich assortment of tools on a user interface that’s very easy to navigate.

how to convert ibook to pdf on mac

PDFelement for Mac provides you with one of the best file management tool sets. It allows you to convert ePub files to not only PDF, but a slew of file formats including HTML, Word, Rich Text, Pages, Kindle-friendly formats, etc. The app also comes with excellent security features such as file encryption, file password protection, text, and text redaction. All of these professional file management features are presented on highly intuitive user interface.

convert ibook to pdf on mac

Key Features of PDFelement for Mac
  • A versatile file converter that transforms PDF to vast array of file formats that each come with their own advantages
  • A dynamic editing tool set that comprises of functions for annotation, adding/removing texts and other elements, watermarking, and lots more
  • Tools for creating and filling digital forms, as well as for inserting signatures on files
  • An OCR function for rendering scanned images in searchable and editable file formats
  • Password protection and encryption functions that gives you maximal access control over files
how to convert ibook to pdf on mac
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