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How to Convert JPG to PDF on Mac Quickly

Simple Steps to Convert JPG File to PDF on Mac

1. Convert JPG into PDF with PDFelement for Mac

2. Convert Multiple JPG to PDF on Mac

3. Edit Created PDF (Optional)

4. Save Created PDF Document

jpg to pdf convert on mac

JPG is a commonly used image format on various devices, and most scanned documents are also saved in a JPG format. However, sometimes the JPG users require converting the JPG images to PDF for different uses. Besides, when you have many JPG images saved on your computer, you may consider combining them into one PDF file to minimize the number of items on your Mac. Unfortunately, converting JPG to PDF or combining multiple JPG images might be tough depending on the tool that you are using or the size that you want to convert. Nevertheless, this should not worry you since this article describes how to convert JPG to PDF on Mac.

How to Convert JPG File to PDF on Mac(macOS 10.14 Included)

You can convert from JPG to PDF on Mac by following these simple steps. But before getting started, you need to download and install PDFelement for Mac. It not merely works as the best JPG to PDF converter for Mac, but also offers you a variety of features to work with PDF in a better way.

jpg to pdf on mac

Step 1. Convert JPG into PDF on Mac

Launch PDFelement on your Mac. After that, click the "Create PDF" button on the Home window. Then browse to your local folder, upload the JPG image that needs to be converted by right clicking on it, and then click "Open", and the PDF will be opened as a PDF in the program. Once you select the image, you will see it opened as a PDF format meaning that the JPG has been converted to the PDF format.

convert jpg file to pdf on mac

Step 2. Convert Multiple JPG to PDF on Mac

You can combine JPGs into one PDF file. To do this, click the "Combine Files" button situated at the bottom of the Home window. From the new window, click "Add Files", which takes you back to your image folders. From there, choose the JPG files that you want to combine.

You need to confirm to ensure that all the JPG images that you want to combine have been uploaded and are places in the right order. Finally, click on the "Combine" button to merge JPGs to one PDF.

convert jpg file to pdf on mac

Step 3. Edit Created PDF (Optional)

Now open the recently created PDF file with PDFelement to edit it. For you to make changes on the new created PDF, click the "Edit" button on the top toolbar for you to edit images and texts on the PDF file. To edit text in the PDF, just click on the text that you want to edit and you will be able to delete, add or modify the text. For instance, if you want to add a text to the PDF, just click the "Add Text" button, and you can type the text that you want to add to the PDF. You can remove a text by highlighting it and press the "Delete" button from on your keyboard.

To edit the image on your PDF, you can click the "Add Image" button to replace image. You can also double click on the image to get options that allow you to replace, rotate, extract and crop image.

jpg to pdf converter mac

Step 4. Save Created PDF Document

After you have converted you JPG or combine the multiple JPG images to PDF, you have to save the new document. For you to save that PDF go to the "File" menu and then click "Save As" from here, you should give a name and a location for your PDF file and then click the "Save" button. Your conversion is now successful, and you can view your new PDF file.

jpg to pdf converter for mac

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