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Quick Ways to Convert PDF to iWork Keynote on Mac

Keynote is Apple’s graphic presentation app that comes with the company’s iWork productivity suite. It provides users with tools for creating and sharing top-notch graphic presentation on iPhone, Mac and iPad. However, Mac users might be taken aback by the limitations faced when trying to load a PDF file on Keynote. Keynote only supports PowerPoint files, and Keynote files are basically PowerPoint files. To boot, you might realize that when you convert PDF to Keynote on Mac, the files may not be editable. In this article we’ll show you how to trump these limitations with a snappy and highly reliable PDF to Keynote converter

1. Convert PDF to iWork Keynote by PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac is a go-to PDF file management tool that can help you convert PDF to Keynote Mac. With this PDF to Keynote converter Mac, you can edit and manage various elements of PDF as well as Keynote files, including texts, images and color fonts, and you can also convert files from PDF to Keynote and vice versa. The app also comes with an OCR function that extracts texts of multiple languages from scanned PDF documents into editable, searchable files. You can convert PDF files as well as Keynote file to an impressive range of file formats, including Word, Excel, HTML, ePub, Rich Text, and lots more. And you can rest assured that after you convert PDF to Keynote on Mac, the layout and quality of the original file will be retained in the output file.

convert pdf to iwork keynote on mac

And after converting files to and from PDF, Keynote or any other format, you can use the app’s password protection to secure the file from unauthorized users. The app also allows you to blot out sensitive parts of files with its file redaction function. PDFelement for Mac also provides you with tools for appending signatures to PDF files to protect them or to make them legally binding.

convert pdf to iwork keynote on mac

Key Features of PDFelement for Mac for Converting PDF to Editable iWork Keynote
  • Versatile converter for converting PDF files to and from Keynote and a host of other file formats
  • Powerful editing tool with functions for adding or removing texts, images, and pages in PDF and PowerPoint files.
  • Annotation and Markup tools with functions for sticky notes, text box, and free hand drawing
  • Functions for adding stamps, watermarks and signatures to protect, personalize or legitimize files
  • Batch processing functions for executing certain tasks on multiple identical files in one go
convert pdf to iwork keynote on mac

How to convert PDF to Keynote on Mac

Step 1: Open the PDF Files

Launch PDFelement for Mac to start PDF to Keynote Mac. Select “File” and then “Open” in order to locate and open the selected PDF file in PDFelement for Mac. Alternately, you can load the PDF file on PDFelement for Mac by simply dragging and dropping the selected file on an open window of the app. Note, if it is a scanned PDF file and you want to be able to edit the output file, you need to first of all extract the file’s contents using the OCR functionality.

pdf to keynote mac

Step 2: Convert PDF to Keynote-Compatible Formats

With the PDF file opened on the PDFelement for Mac window, click on the “Convert” button on the tool bar, and then choose to convert to PowerPoint. Afterwards, choose any of the customization options as you deem fit, and then tap the ‘convert’ button to initiate the conversion process. The resulting Keynote file will be editable and readable on every Keynote app on MacOS X, including Mac OS 10.14.

convert pdf to keynote mac

2. Convert PDF to iWork Keynote without PDFelement for Mac

You might be stunned to realize that iWork Keynote allows you to export Keynote files to PDF quite easily, but that it’s impossible to do the reverse on the app. If you don’t have the converter tools as explained above, you won’t be able to open a PDF file on Keynote, except you implement the following steps laid down below. These steps show you how to load a PDF file on Keynote app for Mac directly.

pdf to keynote mac

Step 1: Run Mac Keynote

Open the Keynote app on Mac by opening a saved Keynote file. Simply click on a Keynote file, and the app will automatically launch to open the file.

Step 2: Load the PDF File on Keynote

To do this, simply drag and drop the PDF you want to convert on column on the left side where thumbnails of the Keynote pages are listed. You can choose to position the PDF file in between any of the pages as you see fit. The right panel gives you access to functions for choosing style, images for, and arranging icons on the imported PDF.

Step 3. Convert PDF to Keynote with Mac Keynote.

Once the PDF is loaded and tweaked according to your discretion, select “File”, and then click “Save” to save the PDF file as a Keynote file. And that’s it. Your PDF file will then be converted to an editable Keynote file.

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