How to Convert PDF to RTF on Mac

Simple Steps on How to Convert PDF to RTF on Mac

1. Download PDFelement for Mac Free

2. Import the PDF to be Converted

3. Start Conversion

4. Name and Save Converted File

convert pdf to rtf on mac

To begin, you need to understand what a file in PDF format is, what a file in Rich Text Format is and why it is necessary that PDF file formats are converted to Rich Text Formats. PDF file formats were created by Adobe Systems to represent files in such a way that they are totally different from the original hardware, application or operating system where they were initially developed.

PDF files may carry any number of images and fonts or may come in any length, but basically, it is designed to allow users create and share printable output. Every PDF file consists of a completely described document in 2D or the recently developed 3D document description which includes images, vector graphics, fonts and texts that make up the document. One thing the PDF file format does not do is encoding of information that is related to the application software, operating system or hardware used in creating or viewing the document.

While a file in PDF format is necessary for easy sharing and distribution of documents as it retains the original format of a file and is responsible for making sure the file contents aren’t changed at all, you may have the need to use the text from the PDF, and that is where conversion from PDF to RTF Mac comes into play.

Rich Text Formats or RTFs as they are easily called are document formats that allow you to create a text file, edit it or save it on a particular operating system and are able to open, view or edit it on another operating system. With RTFs, it is not possible to add objects or images; you can only work with texts.

It is true that texts can be selected on PDF documents, but there are chances that those selected texts may lose format or get munged. Therefore, this article is specially developed to give you heads up on how to convert PDF to RTF on Mac including macOS 10.14.

How to Convert PDF to RTF with PDFelement for Mac

As it stands today, if you want to get the best out of your files while and after using a PDF to RTF converter for Mac, PDFelement for Mac is the most powerful tool to be utilized. PDFelement for Mac is a converter tool that allows you to convert PDF to RTF with ease. With PDFelement for Mac, you can edit, not just RTF or PDF, but also image, Microsoft office and Plain Text files. This software comes with an advanced OCR compatibility that enables you to detect texts in scanned documents and easily convert them to several text formats. With PDFelement for Mac, you get to enjoy beautiful user interface and easy batch conversion of PDF to RTF. Other exciting features of PDFelement include:

export notes as pdf on mac el capitan

convert pdf to rtf on mac
  • PDFelement for Mac enables you to secure your documents by creating passwords for the documents.
  • You can also add links, watermarks, stamps, markups and annotations to documents using PDFelement for Mac.
  • PDFelement for Mac comes with several tools for editing and manipulating texts, styles, fonts and images.
  • This powerful software can convert HTML documents, clipboards, images or captures to PDF files.
  • Its advanced OCR plug-in allows finding, editing and converting of texts in scanned documents.

Steps on Converting PDF to RTF Using PDFelement for Mac

Step 1: Download and Launch PDFelement for Mac

Once PDFelement for Mac is downloaded, launch the app and begin process.

Step 2: Import the PDF to be Converted

To begin process, somewhere on the left side of the first screen, click on “Open File”. Locate and choose the PDF file you want to convert to RTF and select “Open” to import it.

how to convert pdf to rtf on mac

Step 3: Start Conversion

The document becomes ready for conversion at this point. Start converting by clicking on the “Convert” button at the top right of the software window. When a toolbar is displayed, select “To RTF”. This should automatically convert all the pages of the PDF document, but there is an option to choose a range of pages you’d want to convert. Click on “Convert" after this.

how to convert pdf to rtf on mac

Step 4: Name and Save Converted File

Once the “Convert” button is clicked, a dialog box appears. Give the converted RTF file a name, select a destination folder on your computer and click on “Save”. This process stores your converted RTF file on a folder in your computer where you can locate and open the file.

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