How to Convert RTF to PDF on Mac

Simple Steps Convert RTF to PDF on Mac

1. Download PDFelement for Mac Free

2. Open the RTF File

3. Customize the File

4. Convert RTF to PDF

convert rtf to pdf on mac

Rich Text Format, also known as RTF, was introduced by Microsoft in 1987 to serve up a simple way to create and share texts files. Since it's introduction, it has remained a highly sought-after file format, thanks to the relatively smaller file size it produces as well as its options for adjusting text style and images in a file. However, when it comes to sharing files in today's world, it's no longer the ideal format, since it's only compatible with the Windows platform, and Windows product no longer monopolize the markets like they used to a few decades ago. In other words, people using devices outside the Microsoft ecosystem do have a hard time working with RTF. To prevent your RTF files from turning up garbled on your Mac, you need to be able to convert RTF to PDF on Mac. PDF is a universal file format that is cross-platform compatible, and therefore a much better file format for sharing files between different devices in comparison to RTF.

RTF files usually turn out in a bungled layout when loaded on devices that don't run on the Windows OS. In fact this botched layout problem might still persists when the RTF file is converted to PDF. However, there are a number of excellent RTF to PDF converters that convert files without layout and formatting problems. In this article we walk you through simple steps for using top-notch converter app Cisdem PDF converter OCR, as well as the digital file mastering tool PDFelement to convert RTF to PDF on Mac hassle-free.

RTF limits the range of devices, hence the group of people with whom you can share your text files. To trump this limit, you need to be able to change RTF to PDF, which is compatible with a far much wider range of devices.

In the following sections, we explore the all-inclusive file manager PDFelement for Mac and the simple yet powerful solutions it offers to help convert RTF to PDF. PDFelement for Mac eliminates formatting issues regularly encountered when converting RTF to PDF, preserving the text style and layout of the original file in the output file. The app also provides you with a vast array of customization options to craft your files with. Read on to learn more.

convert rtf to pdf on mac

How to Convert RTF to PDF on Mac with PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac gives you mastery over digital files by providing you with an impressive range of powerful tools for creating, editing, converting, protecting and sharing odds and ends digital files. With the app's converter, you can easily obtain PDF files from RTF files, as well as a battery of other file formats including webpages, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, image formats, and lots more. When you're through converting an RTF file to PDF, you can then tweak the file using the app's feature-rich editing toolset, which are akin to the text-editing features of the Microsoft Word processor.

Key Features of PDFelement

  • A powerful file converter that supports nearly every file format including RTF, PDF, Word, HTML, webpages, etc
  • Multi-functional editing tool with a variety of functions for customizing various elements of a digital files.
  • Tools for annotating, commenting, and embedding watermarks in files
  • OCR extractor for extracting searchable, editable text files from image files and scanned PDF
  • A batch processor function for executing various functions on multiple files in one go
  • Password protection and file encryption features to help enhance the security of files

Steps for Convert RTF to PDF on Mac

PDFelement for Mac provides a simple, convenient, and highly efficient function to convert RTF to PDF. The steps for executing this function are as follows:

Step 1: Open the RTF File on PDFelement

Download install and run PDFelement on your Mac. To load the file, tap the “Create File” button in the app's home screen, and then locate and select the RTF file you wish to convert. Or go to “File” > “Create” > “PDF from File”, and then select the RTF file.

how to convert rtf to pdf on mac

Step 2: Customize the File

The select RTF file will automatically be loaded as a PDF file on the app. Before you proceed to save the RTF in the PDF form it's been opened in on the app, you can edit it according to your discretion. Simply select “Edit”, and then move the formatting bar to the portion of the file you want to edit, and then double-check to apply the needed edits.

how to convert rtf to pdf on mac

Step 3: Convert RTF to PDF

Once you're done editing the file, go to “File” > “Save” or “Save As”, choose a name for the new PDF file, and then select “Save”.

how to convert rtf to pdf on mac

Batch Converter to Convert Multiple RTF Files to PDF on Mac

With PDFelement's batch processing function, you can heap together numerous RTF files and convert them into a single PDF file in one go. Here's how:

Step 1: Load All the RTF Files

On the home screen of the launched app, tap the “Combine PDF” button, and then load all the select RTF files.

convert rtf to pdf on mac

Step 2: Convert all the RTF Files in One Go

After loading all the select PDF files, simply hit the “Combine” button. The conversion will be executed swiftly, and all the select RTF files will then be opened in the app as a single PDF file.

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