How to Convert RTFD to PDF on Mac

Simple Steps to Convert RTFD to PDF on Mac

1. Download PDFelement for Mac free

2. Load the RTDF File

3. Save the RTDF File as PDF

how to save a webpage as a pdf on mac

RTFD and PDF are two of the most widely used digital file formats. However, RTDF is below deck when compared to PDF in many respects, and many Mac users often come in need of these advantages when managing RTFD files. And in order to switch between both file formats at your convenience, you need an excellent RTFD to PDF converter. PDFelement for Mac not only provides a reliable RTFD to PDF converter tool, it also packs a punch of digital file management tools. In the following section, we explore the options that PDFelement for Mac offers you for managing both RTFD and PDF files.

In the following section of this article, we’ll show you how to convert RTDF to PDF in a breeze using PDFelement for Mac.

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How to Convert RTFD to PDF on Mac with PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac provides an unrivalled toolset for solving all your digital file management needs. It allows you to harness the unique advantages of a wide range of file formats without a hassle. Converting RTDF to PDF takes just a few clicks, and you can even convert hundreds of files within just minutes. What’s more, you can also convert scanned documents into editable, searchable PDF files with the app’s powerful OCR function. And when you’re done with the conversion, you can manipulate and customize the files using a rich collection of editing and customization tools. You even have options for securing the PDF file with a password protection and blocking out certain portions of the document with the redaction tool in order to ward off unauthorized viewers.

convert rtfd to pdf on mac

Method 1: Right-Clicking the RTDF File

Step 1: After launching PDFelement on your Mac, right-click the RTDF file you want to convert, and then click “File” to open the RTDF file in PDF format in the app.

Step 2: Save the RTDF file that’s now opened in PDF format on your Mac by simply pressing “Command” + “S” on your keyboard, or opening the “File” menu, and then clicking “Save As”.

convert rtfd to pdf on mac

Method 2: Using the ‘Create’ Button

Step 1: Run PDFelement for Mac, and then select “Create PDF”.

Step 2: Locate and select the desired RTDF file from the pop up window that appears next, and then save the file on your Mac once it is opened inside the app’s open window.

convert rtfd to pdf on mac

convert rtfd to pdf on mac
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