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How to Convert Text to PDF on Mac

Simple Steps on How to Convert Text to PDF on Mac

1. Download PDFelement for Mac Free

2. Upload the Document

3. Begin to Edit Document

4. Save the Document as PDF

convert text to pdf on mac

PDFs are generally the most perfect file format to preserve important document content like business contracts, resume, thesis, graduation paper and so on. This is because it is known to be highly secure and compatible. There are quite a number of advantages while working with PDF files. They offer great chances to share and distribute documents through emails and other electronic means. However, one major drawback in making effective use of PDFs has always been the problem of finding the best means to convert TXT to PDF Mac. Text or TXT files are documents that only contain plain texts and have no modification such as italics, numbers, highlighting and the rest of them. Files in this format are stored in a “.txt” extension name. Seeing as these kinds of files are not compatible and secure, you may like to convert such files to a much more standard format like the PDF format. There are a number of reasons why individuals would prefer to go for a file in PDF format than use the Text format and if you by any chance are looking to do so, you should be aware there are several ways by which such can be done. On the digital market, you will find a quite a lot of Text to PDF Mac converters which may allow you to make necessary conversions from Text formats to PDF formats. Basically, you’d require a good Text to PDF Mac converter tool and not just any kind of converter you meet on the market. This is necessary, to avoid having your document content damaged. Though it is certain that PDF file formats are flexible, the process of conversion is cumbersome and needs to be done with caution. But this should not be a cause of fear or trembling, as this article will offer you the best Text to PDF conversion tool on the market and walk you through the very simple steps of converting your Texts to PDF on Mac without hassles.

How to Convert Text to PDF with PDFelement for Mac

Recall that a file in text format contains only plain texts and does not allow for modifications like italics, numbers, highlighting and so on. The TXT file format may be converted to a standard file format like the PDF using a PDF tool called PDFelement for Mac. PDFelement for Mac is an outstanding cross-platform converter that enables you to carry out quite a number of functions including conversions from one format to another. PDFelement for Mac helps users to produce digital paperwork and hasten the very way they create, edit and prepare documents for use. With PDFelement for Mac converter tool, PDF documents are produced cheaply, quickly and securely. PDFelement for Mac is a solution and full package for conversion from text to PDF format. A number of capabilities that stand this converter tool out amongst others include but are not limited to the following:

convert text to pdf on mac

convert text to pdf on mac
  • PDFelement for Mac has the capability to convert Word, Text, HTML, PowerPoint, Excel, images, Rich texts, and various other formats to PDF format.
  • This software can carry out Batch conversion as the case may be.
  • PDFelement for Mac can also convert files protected with passwords.
  • Aside from converting to PDF formats, PDFelement for Mac also deals with conversions from PDF formats to HTML, Text, Word, Excel, EPUB, image and PowerPoint formats.
  • Scanned files have become very easy to convert utilizing the OCR plug-in feature that comes with the PDFelement for Mac.
  • PDF files are easily edited by simply adding or deleting images or texts and carrying out modifications and so on.
  • With PDFelement for Mac, you can add digital stamps or signatures to your PDF documents.
  • PDFelement for Mac make PDFs easier to be used by allowing for compression into smaller sizes.
  • With this wonderful app, PDF files can either be merged or spilt.

Steps on How to Convert Text to PDF

Step 1: Download and Open PDFelement for Mac

The very first thing you’d want to do is to download, install and launch PDFelement on your Mac. While the software is open, click on the “Create PDF” button on the welcome window. Once you click this, a dialog box is opened, which gives you a chance to scan through the location of the Text file you would want to convert to PDF format.

how to convert text to pdf on mac

Step 2: Begin to Edit Document

When you’re done locating the Text file and importing it to PDFelement for Mac, the next thing to do is edit the Text document. To do this, simply click on the “Edit” button on the menu toolbar and select from the horizontal list below how you’d like to edit the document. Note that with PDFelement for Mac, you can make as many changes as possible.

how to convert text to pdf on mac

Step 3: Save the Document as PDF

The moment you realize that you are done editing the text document, the next thing to do would be to save the document as a PDF file. Simply click on the “File” button on the menu toolbar and select “Save As” from the drop-down. Select “PDF” as the format in the dialog box that opens and key in a name for the incoming PDF file, while selecting a location for the file to be saved.

how to convert text to pdf on mac

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