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How to Create PDF from Webarchive on Mac

Simple Steps to Convert Webarchive to PDF Mac

1. Download PDFelement for Mac free

2. Create PDF from a Single Webarchive

3. Batch Convert Webarchive Files to PDF

how to save a webpage as a pdf on mac

Webarchive is a web-based file format created by the Safari Web browser. Webarchive files contain HTML, videos, images, and audio clips of previously visited web pages. In essence, Webarchive files store contents of web pages opened on Safari to allow for offline reading of the web pages and to help speed up the loading speed of previously visited web pages. What’s more, Webarchive files are used to create ads for the Apple marketing platform. 

However, the Webarchive file format lacks several advantages that the PDF format offers, and you might need to convert Webarchive to PDF on a number of occasions. Given the vast array of contents that can be stored in a Webarchive file, it’s expedient to learn how to switch between PDF and Webarchive file formats. If you can convert Webarchive to PDF, you’ll have the contents of web pages saved locally on any device, and not get worried about the possibilities of the web contents being taken down at any moment.

There are a slew of reasons to have a handy, reliable Webarchive to PDF converter. In addition to allowing you read web pages offline from various devices, converting Webarchive to PDF format also makes it easier to share web pages with others who might not have the software to open Webarchive files. Unlike what’s possible with files of many other formats, you cannot convert Webarchive to PDF perfectly by simply using the “Print to PDF” function on your Mac. Although that might work to some extent, you might have to wait around for quite a while, and you might be left with an output file with compromised quality and layout. 

In the following sections of this article, we show you how to create PDF from Webarchive with PDFelement for Mac without degrading the quality of the original file.

pdf editor mac

Best Webarchive to PDF Converter - PDFelement for Mac

An investment in a reliable and efficient Webarchive to PDF converter can pay off in spades. A well-rounded PDF software like the PDFelment for Mac even supercharges the returns. With PDFelement for Mac, not only can you convert Webpages to PDF and swathes of other file format, but you can also edit, annotate, stamp and protect the converted file. The app allows you to add/remove texts, insert images and symbols, add/remove pages, and to perform a vast array of functions on PDF files. 

create pdf from webarchive on mac

With the app’s annotation functions, you can add comments, sticky notes, hyperlinks, highlights etc to the PDF file. What’s more, the app allows for batch processing, allowing you to implement various file management functions on numerous files in a jiffy.

Create PDF from Webarchive on Mac in Details (Including macOS 10.14)

Step 1: Create PDF from a Single Webarchive 

If you only want to convert just one Webarchive file to PDF format, simply click the “Create PDF” button on the home screen of the app. Afterward, locate and choose the Webarchive file that you want in PDF file. Once you choose the file, it’ll automatically open as a PDF file in the app. You can then save the file as a PDF on your Mac OS Mojave. 

create pdf from webarchive on mac

Step 2. Convert Many Webarchive Files to PDF in a Batch 

If you want to convert a selection of numerous Webarchive files to PDF, first click the “Combine Files” button on the home screen of the app, and then select “Add files” from the pop up box that appears next. Alternatively, you can also open the “File” > “Create” > “Combine Files into a Single PDF”. After selecting all the Webarchive files you want to convert from, click ‘Next” to combine them into a single PDF file.

create pdf from webarchive on mac
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