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How to Create PDF from Images on Mac

Simple Steps to Create PDF from Images on Mac

1. Download PDFelement for Mac Free

2. Open the File on PDFelement for Mac

3. Edit the File

4. Save the PDF File

create pdf from image on mac

One good thing about a PDF format is that the way the texts are formatted will not be ruined; neither will the image resolution be changed. Normally, texts can be edited but there is less chance to combine images and convert them into a single PDF document.

Over time, Adobe's PDF document type has turned into an all round acknowledged technique and universally accepted method for sharing documents digitally. PDF documents have proven to be the most ideal method of sharing documents to prevent documents from being altered or left with an electronic footprint. It has a strong effect, particularly when transferring private information or legal documents. With the configuration of the format, a PDF file can be viewed on almost any phone or computer. So it's nothing unexpected to find that macOS incorporates native support for creating and viewing PDF files.

Remember we said there’s less chance to combine images and convert them into a PDF document? Well, do not worry; you are on the right page now. This piece will offer you comprehensive and easy steps to effectively make PDF from images on mac with PDFelement.

Generally, it is very possible to create a single multi-page PDF file out of different image documents. But, it is important to know that this feature is highly valuable if you need digitize something for future reference or share several scanned documents over electronic mail. Thus, there are three standard approaches to successfully creating a PDF document on macOS. They include:

  • Creating a blank PDF file
  • Creation utilizing the Print Menu, which can be carried out from any app that is capable of printing documents.
  • Creating by conversion, that is converting other document formats, specifically images to PDF on Mac, which is the main focus of this article.

How to Create PDF from Images with PDFelement for Mac

Often times, there is need for other files to be converted to a PDF format. For instance, several scanned documents usually end up as a photo in an image extension name like JPG. But, you’d observe that you need to alter the photo later on, include some fillable forms and the rest of them. You’d arrive at that by creating a PDF file from images on your macOS. And with the idea that JPG is the most generally utilized image format, having the right PDF tool, you can efficiently convert any kind of image to PDF format on macOS in a simple way if you have PDFelement installed on your Mac.

PDFelement for Mac is an extraordinary and outstanding tool which enables you to digitize paperwork and quicken how you make, alter and get documents ready. It allows users to quickly, cheaply and securely produce PDF documents. PDFelement is a full package and solution for conversion of image files to PDF formats. A number of features that distinguish this software exist. A few are stated below:

create pdf from image on mac

create pdf from image on mac
  • With PDFelement, you can easily and effectively create PDF from images on Mac, no matter the image format.
  • PDFelement has a wide range of palette of editing tools for texts and images. There are tools like single line editing modes and intuitive paragraphs for texts. Also, font size, style and type can be changed for texts. On the other hand, for images, PDFelement allows you to copy, remove, replace, extract, crop and rotate images.
  • As mentioned above, any file type can be converted to a PDF format, which of course includes images. Additionally, Microsoft Office document formats and other file formats can also be converted to PDF formats using PDFelement.
  • With PDFelement, the “Batch Conversion” tool can be used to convert several documents at once.
  • Also, PDFelement is filled with annotation tools to make your PDF files look much more professional. Tools like notes, personalized drawing tools, sticky comments, stamps, text boxes and so much more are embedded on PDFelement.
  • Personalized fillable forms which can be used later are also creatable.
  • With PDFelement, you can add digital signatures to documents.

Steps to Creating PDF Documents from Images by PDFelement for Mac

Step 1: First, you need to launch PDFelement on your Mac and then select “Create PDF” from the dropdown window. Browse your folders and click “Commend” while you select as many images you want to convert, then click “Open”. Once you click “Open”, PDFelement automatically converts the photos and opens the converted file in a PDF format.

create pdf from image on mac

Step 2: Look right under the "Edit" menu and click on "Edit Objects" to make changes to the images in the PDF document. PDFelement allows you to make changes to images without any intricate alternatives. You can then select the images or objects that you want to make changes to and it will quickly highlight them. Also, you can easily alter the size of the picture at this point.

create pdf from image on mac

Step 3: The next thing to do is to save the converted file in a PDF extension name by clicking "File” and selecting “Save". Alternatively, you can hold "Command + S" to do this. Once “Save” is clicked, the next thing to do is to input a name and select a location folder where the converted file would be saved. Click “Ok” and congratulate yourself, as you have successfully created a PDF with images.

create pdf from image on mac

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