How to Draw on PDF for Mac

5 Simple Steps How to Draw on PDF for Mac

One great advantage of Preview, Mac’s default file management tool is that it not only allows you to read digital files like PDFs, JPEGs, PGNs, etc, but it also allows you to edit and draw on PDF on Mac. Since PDF is one of the most popular digital file formats Mac users work with, tools for drawing on PDFs will always come in handy in collaborative projects and personal reading sessions.

However, Preview only provides nothing more than the basic PDF editing and annotation tool. Plus, there’s also been complaints about PDF files becoming compromised after users drew images on them using Preview.

But with professional file management tool like Cisdem PDF Manager and the crackerjack PDFelement, you can use your Mac to draw on PDF, whether you want to draw symbols, images or shapes, without compromising the output file.

5 Simple Steps How to Draw on PDF for Mac Using Cisderm PDF Manager

Step 1: Download, install and run Cisderm PDF Manager for Mac

Step 2: Load the PDF file you want to draw on on the running app by simply dragging and dropping the file on the app’s home screen.

Step 3: Activate the editing pane by double-clicking the PDF file. The editing pane gives you access to wide range of editing and annotation tools.

Step 4: To add texts, click on in the editing pane, select the text tool, click on the part of the document where you want to insert the text box, and then type in the text in the text box. To add comments and notes, click in the editing pane instead of , and then proceed as described above.

Step 5: Draw shapes on the PDF by selecting from the various shape icons on the editing pane such to draw a circle and to draw a box.


During collaborative projects and personal perusal of a document, you may come in need to express your opinion on certain parts of the document by annotating or drawing on it. PDFelement provides you with tools to draw on PDF files on Mac and so much more. With PDFelement, you can work on PDF files using not only tools for drawing shapes like arrows, stars, rectangles, etc, but also advanced PDF editing tools such as those for adding/removing a wide array of elements. In this article, we’ll show you how to draw on PDF on Mac in a breeze using PDFelement.

How to Draw on PDF for Mac with PDFelement for Mac

Unlike many other PDF tools, PDFelement for Mac provides you with a vast collection of file management tools. With PDFelement, you can add comments, sticky notes, text boxes, etc to a PDF file. And if the app’s default shapes do not make the cut for your visual annotations, you can draw up custom-shapes using the app.

draw on pdf for mac

PDFelement also packs a punch of editing tools, including those for changing text fonts style and size. There are also tools to rotate, replace and extract pages in a PDF file available on the app.

draw pdf on mac

And if you want to change the file format from PDF to another that’s more suitable for reading on other devices, you can use PDFelement to convert the PDF file to an exhaustive array of file formats, including Word, ePub, HTML, and plain text. What’s more, there’s also the batch processing function that takes the grunt work out of working on multiple files by allowing you to execute functions on numerous files all in one go.

And to keep the information in your PDF file secured and beyond the reach of unauthorized viewers, PDFelement provides you with PDF file password protection and a text redaction function.

How to Draw on a PDF on Mac Using PDFelement

Step 1: Open PDFelemnt on your Mac, and then load the PDF file you want to draw on by dragging and dropping it in the home screen of the app.

Step 2: Select “Comment” > “Shapes” , and then select the shape you want to use from the variety of shapes presented on the right side of the panel.

Step 3: Next, hover your mouse around the area you want to insert the drawing, click on it, and then drag the mouse to draw the shape. To add more than one shape per time, click and hold the “Command” key, and then select all the shapes you want to insert. You can also change the properties of selected shapes that you’ve inserted by going to the right side and customizing the properties settings such as style, stroke, opacity, thickness, etc.

Step 4: To make use of custom-drawn shapes instead of the pre-made shapes, you can use pencil tools to doodle on the file. To use pencil tools, select “Comment” > “Pencil”. You can also use the “Eraser” tool to correct the shapes.

draw on pdf on mac
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