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How to Edit PDF in Illustrator for Mac

With editable PDF illustrator on Mac, you can take documents to new dimensions. If you possess skills to edit PDF in illustrator

In this article, we lay down easy-to-follow steps for how to edit PDF in illustrator on Mac. We’ll also show you other great alternatives to illustrator on Mac that present powerful editing solutions on less complex user interfaces.

How to Edit a PDF in Illustrator on Mac

Adobe illustrator is a long-standing editing powerhouse that’s still the go-to software for creating graphical files such as posters, cards, user manuals, etc. With Adobe illustrator, you can edit images as well as other elements in a PDF file. Although the application is not a bona fide PDF editing software, it still provides you with basic editing features to put together texts and images to create various kinds of graphical files.

It also comes with a few other drawbacks that make it a less optimal editing tool besides its lack of sophisticated text editing functions. For one, it’s incapable of opening PDF files that have multiple pages on one single layer. With the different pages of a multi-paged PDF placed across a pile of different layers, it might be difficult to find a specific page when needed. The user interface of the software is rife with tech mysticism, and new users may find it quite complicated to navigate.

However, in the section below, we’ve broken down the basic steps to edit PDF in illustrator Mac using PDFelement for Mac below to help smoothen out the learning curve for you.

Best Illustrator Alternative to Edit PDFs

There are loads of other programs for creating and editing PDF files with rich graphics on MacOS 10.14 besides Adobe illustrator. Many of these alternatives allow you to load PDF files with multiple pages on just one layer, making it much easier to identify and edit various pages. These programs also come devoid of the user interface complexities that face users of Adobe illustrator. An excellent PDF editor like PDFelement for Mac can help you trump all the limitations of Adobe illustrator to create and edit top-notch PDF files.

how to edit a pdf in illustrator

PDFelement for Mac provides you an easily accessible editing toolset that allow you to manipulate contents of a PDF file with just a few clicks. PDFelement for Mac comes with a highly intuitive user interface that allows you to easily find options for managing PDF files, including reading, converting and sharing. With PDFelement for Mac, you have choices to even change the styling of the text in a PDF file to make it more suitable for the final formatting. And like Adobe illustrator, PDFelement for Mac is compatible with MacOS 10.12, 10.13 and 10.14.

how to edit a pdf in illustrator

Key Features of PDFelement for Mac

  • An impressive array of PDF editing tools, including fonts, highlights, annotations, add/remove texts, add/remove pages, etc.
  • Tools for inserting various elements in a PDF file, including images, signatures, etc.
  • A versatile converter for changing PDF files into other suitable file formats, including EPUB, Rich Text, Word, HTML, PowerPoint, Excel, and lots more
  • A powerful OCR function that transforms scanned PDF files into editable PDF documents
  • File filling and file creation tools to create and manipulate interactive fields in PDF forms
  • Batch process functions for carrying out various functions on a set of multiple identical files in one go
  • PDF password protection for safeguarding PDF files away from unauthorized access
  • PDf text redaction functions for blotting out sensitive parts of shared files away from people who’re not authorized to see such parts.
how to edit a pdf in illustrator

How to Edit PDF with PDFelement for Mac

Step 1: Load the PDF file: Launch PDFelement for Mac, and then use the “Open File” feature to import the file into PDF Pro. You can also load the PDF file on the program by dragging and dropping the file into the program.

Step 2: Start editing texts: Locate the “Edit” panel to find the text tool, and then lock the tools into the text and begin editing as you wish.

Step 3: Edit PDF images:Open the “edit” panel, and select the image select tool. Tap the image you want to edit and start editing. You can choose to move, replace or edit it.

Step 4: Edit Links in the PDF: Open the “Edit” channel again, and then select the “Link” option. Hover your cursor around the link, and then right-click on the link, and then select ‘Edit Link’. A window will pop up that allows you to edit the link.

Step 5: Edit pages of the PDF: Open the ‘Pages’ panel on the top menu. This will present you with options to move, split, rotate, cut, and delete various pages of the PDF as you wish.

how to edit a pdf in illustrator

how to edit a pdf in illustrator
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