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Easy Way to Edit PDF in InDesign for Mac OS X

Adobe InDesign is one of the go-to applications for preparing professionally-cut documents. A powerful tool for creating and editing graphics, images and layout designs, InDesign allows you to create a wide array of printable documents, from invoices to posters, user manuals and paperbacks. However, given the complexity of the tool, the uninitiated can find it hard to get a hang of the app, struggling to carry out even basic operations like to open a PDF in InDesign. In this article we’ll show you not only how to open a PDF in Indesign, but also how to edit PDF files in the app..

how to save a webpage as a pdf on mac

How to Edit PDF in InDesign for on Mac

What is InDesign and What Does It Offer Mac Users?

Adobe InDesign offers Mac users a document design and layout app for creating and designing documents for publishing in print and digital media. This documentation software provides you with all the necessary tools for creating paperwork such as brochures, posters, magazines, financial statements, tax return forms, etc. With the app, you can enrich your documents with high-quality graphics, videos, audios, and lots more. It’s therefore an ideal app for creating interactive PDF files, including those that come with slideshows and animations. To ease text editing, the app is integrated with Adobe Copy CC, the proprietary word processor of Adobe systems. Some of the key editing features of the app include endnotes, fonts, paragraph borders, PDF accessibility enhancements, object height and width styles, etc. You don’t need any coding skills to embed these elements in your PDF. All the functions for carrying out these operations can be accessed from a user-friendly interface, although new users can find it hard to initially to carry out basic functions including to open InDesign file.

The main purpose of InDesign is to help Mac users put together the best PDF files they could ever come up with. Not only does it provide users with excellent editing tools, it also facilitates collaboration and file sharing, making it easier to engage others in creating perfect documents. The app also gives users access to the Creative Cloud Libraries, which facilitate the sharing of texts, shapes, images, graphics, to supercharge collaboration among team members. On the other hand, the app is also ideal for creating documents you don’t want others to tamper with. InDesign allows you to create top-notch PDF files which cannot be easily edited or altered by unauthorized persons, even if they know how to open a PDF in InDesign.

In addition to these, InDesign provides you with an impressive array of customization options for exporting a PDF document, including the degree of compression, watermarks, and security settings.

How to Edit PDF with InDesign on Mac

You can change a scanned PDF file into an editable PDF file using InDesign on Mac OS X (including 10.14). The following are steps to edit any PDF document, including images of scanned PDFs.

Step 1: Run the app on your Mac, and then select “File” and then “Place”

Step 2: Locate and choose the PDF file that you want to edit

Step 3: You can begin editing the file once it’s opened in the Indesign window. There are two circles that will always guide you as you move your mouse cursor during the editing process.

Step 4: After editing with any of the editing options available to you, you can save it by selecting the export options available in InDesign.

Best InDesign Alternative to Edit PDFs

PDFelement for Mac is the ultimate alternative to InDesign when it comes to PDF file management solutions. It provides users with a comprehensive selection of file management and editing tools. When compared to InDesign, PDFelement for Mac comes with an edge due to how it balances versatility and simplicity. For Mac OS X users who can barely even open a PDF in InDesign due to the techy nature of the app, PDFelement for Mac is the most suitable alternative for churning out professionally-minted documents. PDFelement for Mac users enjoy editing with an editing tool set that’s as rich as that of InDesign, but is more accessible and easier to deploy. With PDFelement for Mac, you can also insert and manipulate digital file elements, including graphics, tables and charts inside PDF files without needing coding skill or any third-party software. You can even import stamps an signatures easily into the PDF file with the software.

edit pdf in indesign for mac

PDFlement for Mac is compatible with MacOS 10.12 and all newer versions, so it’s compatible with just about any Mac device which InDesign supports.

A Comprehensive Overview of PDFelement for Mac

Although PDF is currently one of the most widely used digital file formats, it’s also one of the most difficult to work with in terms of editing. Sometimes, the process can be quite intricate, so much so that you may need to enlist the help of a designer or risk the distortion of reflow of the text after implementing changes. However, PDFelement for Mac is designed to take out all the hassle involved in handling PDF files. PDFelement for Mac simplifies text editing in an ingenious way by presenting the texts in discreet text boxes that allow you to work on the texts just like you would in Microsoft Word. With the texts in the PDF file rendered in this pattern for editing, when you click inside a paragraph and delete texts, the rest of the text in the box will reflow correspondingly.

Also, with PDFelement for Mac, you can change the font, point-size and even colors in the PDF file without needing to backtrack to the PDF’s authoring package -- a process that’s usually a main pain point of editing PDF files on other software. PDFelement for Mac also allows you to enrich your PDF by adding images, infographics, and even slideshows. Other exciting editing function available in PDFelement for Mac include those for embedding markup, watermark, themes, headers and footer, background images, etc. The software also provides functions for adding and removing pages from PDF files, splitting or merging PDF files, and also converting scanned PDF files and images into editable text files. The crown jewel of all these features is the user interface, which is highly intuitive and easy to navigate, giving users express access to the vast array of editing and file management functions available in the app.

edit pdf in indesign for mac

Key Features of PDFelement for Mac Users

  • Powerful PDF editor for creating and editing PDF files with a vast array of functions, including those for adding watermarks, background images and colors, headers and footers, etc.
  • Powerful file converter for converting files to and from a vast array of digital file formats
  • A sea of PDF templates for creating different types of document, including tax reports, invoices, brochures, calendars, and lots more.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for converting scanned PDF files and images into editable files.
  • Form creation and form filling functions
  • Batch processes for carrying out various functions on multiple files at a go.
edit pdf in indesign for mac
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