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How to Handle PDF with Notes App on Mac

The new Notes App has caught on strongly as the go-to app for writing quick notes, lists, and tasks for Mac users. But despite this, many Mac users still don’t know how to harness the full potentials of the Notes app in handling PDF files. Given the handiness and user-friendliness of the Note app, it’s a huge productivity boost to know how to add pdf to notes on mac el capitan and how to export notes as pdf on mac el capitan. This article will orient you on these as well as a whole lot more.

What is the Notes App, and What’s in It for Mac Users

The Notes App for Mac is a versatile tool for taking notes, making lists, capturing tidbits, compiling picture albums, and doing a whole lot more on Mac devices. The Notes App can also secure sensitive notes with password protection. The app also facilitates easy circulation of notes among team members, family and friends, thanks to its export functions that allow you to export any note as a PDF file, as well as its iCloud Notes facility. With the Notes App, you can also add photos, videos, comments and URLs to PDF files. You can also insert pdf into notes on mac el capitan with the Notes app.

However, many Mac users remain uninitiated into the Notes App, and can barely even use the basic functionalities of the app. This guide covers both the basic functions as well as other highly critical functions of the Notes App.

How to Handle PDF Notes App on Mac

1. Saving Notes as PDF on Mac

You can save just about any note created on your Notes App as a PDF file, with the contents, font styles and layout of the content in the original note remaining intact in the new PDF file. It’s really quite simple to do this.

i. Open the Notes app on your Mac

ii: Locate the note that you want saved as a PDF and double-click on it to open it on the Notes app.

iii: Pull down the ‘File’ menu and choose “Export as PDF”

iiii: Fill in the file name of the file in the “Save As” field, and then click on the “Save” button

You can double check to see if the notes has been saved successfully as a PDF file by running the PDF file on a PDF reader such as the Preview app.

Alternatively, you can also save a note in PDF format with the Note app using the Print to PDF route.

add pdf to notes on mac el capitan

2. Inserting PDF into Notes:

When you insert PDF to Notes in El Captain or any later Mac OS, it shows up as an attachment in the note. However, the Notes app does not allow you to read the attached PDF file. Instead, when you click on an attached PDF file, the file will automatically run on the default PDF viewer of El Captain: the Preview App.

To insert PDF into Notes on El Captain,

  • I. Create a note first.
  • II. Use Finder to locate the required PDF file.
  • III. Drag and drop the PDF file directly into your note.

3. Sharing Notes as PDF

To share a note as a PDF file,

  • i. Export file to PDF by selecting “File” and then “Export to PDF”
  • ii. Locate the “Share” button on the main tab and click on it.
  • iii. Choose from the range of sharing applications or services in the next menu.

handle pdf with notes app on mac

Best Notes Alternative to Handle PDFs - PDFelement for Mac

Despite the essential word processing utilities present in Notes app, it still falls short in terms of providing tools to handle PDFs on a professional level. However, PDFelement for Mac is a well-rounded smart tool that can help you create and manage PDF files with an edge. From short scribbles to web pages, images and text files of all formats, PDFelement for Mac allows you to integrate odds and ends digital files into a PDF file. What’s more, PDFelement for Mac allows provides you with an impressive array of PDF file editing tools, including highlighting, comments and annotations.

handle pdf with notes app on mac

PDFelement for Mac provides you with a rich assortment of PDF file management tools, including editing tools, file converter, as well as file sharing tools. As such, it allows you to create feature-rich, complex and professionally cut PDF documents, and to commit such documents into other file formats for seamless sharing. The app currently serves hundreds of thousands of professionals steadfastly across all parts of the globe. As such, PDFelement for Mac has become an invaluable communication and file management tool for busy Mac users around the world.

handle pdf with notes app on mac

Key Features of PDFelement for Mac
  • Tools to read, edit markup and print PDFs
  • Functions for adding, deleting, resizing and rotating images in PDF files
  • A powerful file converter that supports a vast array of file formats, including HTML, Word, image file formats, audio file formats, and lot more
  • OCR file extractor for converting scanned documents and texts in images into readable, editable documents
  • Pagination tools for inserting page numbers, bates numbers and page elements in files that have numerous pages
  • Form filling and form creation tools for creating and filling out interactive fields on PDF files
  • Batch processes for conversions, form-filling /creation, and other key functions
  • Text redaction functions for keeping sensitive part of shared documents away from unauthorized access.
handle pdf with notes app on mac
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