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How to Edit PDF in Paint for Mac (Mojave Included)

Paint has served Windows users steadfastly for over two decades since the release of Windows 98. It provides a basic collection of image editing tools used for designing and editing small images. You can edit PDF with paint by either converting the PDF file to an image file or taking screenshots of the PDF file and then loading the image file on Paint. However, you might find it hard to get the result that you want when you edit PDF in Paint, but that usually happens when you expect too much from the app. This article shows you how you can possibly get it right with editing PDFs with Paint for Mac as well as with other alternative PDF editors.

How to Edit PDF in Paint for Mac

Paint is an image editing application, so it’s technically impossible to edit a PDF file that has several elements including texts and annotations directly with Paint. However, you can edit a PDF file that’s been converted to an image file on Mac using Paint, but that implies that you need another software in addition to Paint in order to carry out the conversion first. You might find this need for multiple tools inconvenient. But there are many other drawbacks of using Paint on Mac that you should know of before start expecting the earth and the moon from it. For one, there’s no version of Paint available for Mac, so you can’t edit PDF in Paint on Mac. Also, since it only provides basic image editor functions, you can find it hard to come up with a high-quality image using the app.

However, you can set yourself up to edit PDF in Paint with just a few steps as follows:

Step 1: Open the PDF file in a PDF reader on your Mac OS 10.14

Step 2: With the PDF open, fit the entire page into screen, and then take a screenshot of the entire PDF page by clicking on the “Prt Scrn” button on your keyboard.

Step 3: Now, send the screenshot to a PC or desktop, and then copy the screen shot to your computer’s clipboard (ctrl + C).

Step 4: Open Paint app on your computer, and then hit “Ctrl + V” to paste the image, or alternately, click on the “Edit” button, and then select “Paste”.

Step 5: The image of the PDF file page you loaded will then be displayed on the open Paint app window, ready for editing. Make use of any of the editing tools as deemed fit.

Step 6: After editing, save the image file on your computer by opening the “File” menu, and then selecting “save as”

pdf editor mac

Best Mac PDF Editor in 2019

As noted earlier, Paint is not a bona fide PDF editor, so you might run into many set backs when you want to edit a PDF with Paint. However, there is a long list of many other software that provide excellent PDF editing solutions, and on top of the list is PDFelement for Mac. Unlike when you edit PDF on Paint, PDFelement for Mac presents a PDF file in basic form, making it easier for you to access and edit all the various elements of the file.

how to edit pdf in paint

With PDFelement for Mac, you can go beyond editing only just images of PDF files, and tackle nearly every aspect of the PDF. Unlike Paint, PDFelement allows you to edit texts in PDF files, whether, you want to add, remove or reorganize texts. You also have a wide range of image editing options to choose from, including tools for cropping, resizing, and even extracting the image from PDF files. There are also link editing options for adding or editing links in the PDF. With PDFelement for Mac, you can either edit links, change the pages on which the link is placed, or apply changes to the rectangle showing the link.

PDFelement for Mac also provides you with a rich collection of annotation tools. These annotation tools help enhance the authenticity of a PDF file, providing with features like stamps, comments, sticky notes, and markups that all help you give your PDF file a more personal touch.

export notes as pdf on mac el capitan

What’s more, unlike Paint, PDFelement comes with versions for Windows as well as for Mac and other operating system.

Key Features
  • Simple tool for opening and reading PDF files
  • Powerful PDF editing tools, including functions for adding/removing texts, changing fonts, adding/removing pages, etc
  • Tools for adding or removing metadata from PDF files
  • A versatile converter that supports an impressive array of file formats, including word, PowerPoint, HTML, EPUB, Rich Text, etc
  • A powerful OCR feature for converting images of PDF file images into an editable text file
  • Password protection for PDF files
how to edit pdf in paint

How to Edit PDFs with PDFelement for Mac

Step 1. Load the PDF Files

Launch PDFelement for Mac, and then select the “Open File” button on Home screen, and then locate and select the PDF file you want to edit. Or alternately, drag and drop the PDF file on the Home screen of the app.

edit pdf paint

Step 2. Begin Editing the Text on the PDF File

With the PDF file opened, you can begin editing the text in the PDF. Select the ‘Edit’ button on the tool bar to activate the editing mode. To move texts, click the text you want to move, and then drag the text block highlighted to the desired position. To alter the text, double click on the text block, and change the text in the box as desired. Select the “Add Text” option and then click on any place you want to insert the text in order to add texts to the document.

edit pdf in paint

Step 3. Edit Images on the PDF File

The steps involved in editing images is similar those involved in editing texts. Start by selecting the “Edit” button on the tool bar. Insert images by clicking the ‘Add Image’ option, and then select the image you want to add from your local storage. You can move the images around by simply dragging and dropping the image as desired. To crop images, select the ‘crop’ option and the adjust the blue box surrounding the image to select the portion of the image you want to crop.

edit pdf in paint

how to edit pdf in paint
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