How to Edit PDF Metadata on Mac

4 Simple Steps How to Edit PDF Metadata on Mac

The term metadata refers to a set of information describing the contents of a digital file. A PDF file’s metadata conveys information such as author’s name, date of creation, etc. These data are grouped into three distinct categories: structural, administrative and distinctive.

However, all three categories can carry sensitive and confidential information about a file. And there are certain legal or formal circumstances where you might need to remove sensitive metadata from a PDF file before sharing it.

You may need to edit PDF metadata on Mac before sending documents to a court, litigants, lawyers, the IRS, or any agency. In these instances, metadata can jeopardize your chances of coming out on top of the situation if it gets into wrong hands. You may also want to edit a PDF file’s metadata due to security and privacy concerns.

There are various ways to edit PDF metadata on Mac, each with varying degrees of efficiency and complexity. A tool like Exiftool is highly efficient PDF meta editor for Mac, however, it requires strong command line skills to operate. But there are other tools that are efficient and simple to use as well. In this article, we’ll show you how to edit PDF metadata on Mac using PDFelement, a powerful and efficient PDF meta editor for Mac.

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But first we’ll show you how to edit PDF metadata on Mac using Adobe Acrobat, another great tool for editing PDF meta data on Mac.

4 Simple Steps How to Edit PDF Metadata on Mac (Including on Mojave)

Step 1: Download and install Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional on your Mac, run the app, and then select “File” > “Open” to load the PDF file whose metadata you want to edit.

Step 2: Assess the file’s metadata by selecting “File” > “Properties”. A window will popup showing you all the file’s metadata that you can edit.

Step 3: If you deem this metadata too sensitive to be left behind in the file, select “Advanced” > “PDF Optimizer” > “Discard User Data”, and then check the Discard document information and metadata checkbox.

Step 4: To edit metadata in multiple PDF files at once, go to “Advanced” > “Document” “Processing” > “Batch Processing” > “New Sequence”. Name the sequence, and then select “Output Options” > “PDF Optimizer” > “Settings”. After you edit and name the settings, you’ll be taken back to the Batch Sequence window, simply run the sequence you’ve just created and then select the files you want to edit metadata from. The app will carry on from there to do the rest.


A PDF file’s metadata conveys highly critical information about the file. It’s therefore crucial for Mac users to learn how to work with PDF metadata. However, native PDF tools like Preview do not allow users to manipulate PDF metadata. To modify PDF metadata on Mac, you need a PDF meta editor for Mac. But some of these tools might require technical skills to operate, and some might not be capable of deleting metadata completely. However, with PDFelement, a powerful PDF meta editor for Mac, you can remove sensitive metadata from your PDF file without breaking a sweat.

How to Edit PDF Metadata on Mac with PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac is an all-round PDF file management tool that allows you to modify metadata as well as other elements of a PDF file on Mac. Besides metadata, you can also edit texts, images, and animation on a PDF file using PDFelement. You can also annotate the PDF file, or add sticky notes, personal drawings, shapes, signatures and stamps in order to give the PDF file a personal touch.

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You can also convert a vast array of file formats to PDF format and vice versa. There are also password protection and text redaction security functions available. What’s more, you can also perform all these functions on multiple files in one go using the app’s batch processor.

How to Edit PDF Metadata on Mac in Details

Step 1: First, you need to assess the metadata contained in the PDF file. To view PDF metadata on Mac, run PDFelement on your Mac, drag and drop the select PDF file on the open app window, and then select “File” > “Properties”. A “Document Properties” will then pop up to reveal the file’s metadata.

Step 2: You can modify most of the metadata you’ll find on the Document Properties window. Some of these the title, subject, keyword, author name, etc. You’ll find options to edit these information on the properties box.

Step 3. If you want to completely remove PDF metadata on Mac instead of modifying it, click on the field containing the data you want to remove, and then press “Backspace” or “Delete” on your keyboard to remove the information.

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