How to Edit PDF on Mac(macOS 10.14 Included)

Simple Steps to Edit a PDF on Mac

1. Download PDFelement for Mac Free

2. Open a PDF to Edit

3. Edit PDF Text on Mac

4. Edit PDF Image on Mac

5. Save PDF after Editing

pdf editing on mac

When you have a document in PDF format, you have the chance to view in different devices and browsers without changing its format. PDFs are also light thus it's a convenient format to use when you want to upload files on the Internet. However, you may notice that you want to edit texts, images or objects on the PDF file before uploading or sharing it on the web. You will notice that even with inbuilt PDF readers it is not that easy to change content on your PDF file. But now you will get a great solution to edit PDF on Mac.

How to Edit a PDF on Mac

PDFelement for Mac provides you with a nearly unparalleled array of PDF editing tools. The app is designed to help the non-tech savvy master PDF files. With the app, you can edit PDF on mac with an assortment of various digital elements, including graphics, audio, links, watermarks, etc. Customize your PDF files professionally using the app's text editing, highlighting, and other annotation and commenting tools. You can also customize and fill PDF forms using the app. What's more, PDFelement is the best program to edit PDF on mac because it features a batch process function that allows you to carry out edits on numerous digital files in one go.

Key Features:

  • A crisp, neat user interface that's super-easy to navigate
  • Multi-functional editor toolset with features for adding/removing texts, images, links, and many other digital file elements.
  • Annotation and commenting features to personalize PDF files, including shapes, highlight, arrows, sticky notes, etc.
  • Batch process features for implementing various functions on a batch of many PDF files in one go
  • Password protection to keep sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands
  • Text redaction for blotting out certain portions of the file to hide sensitive information
edit pdf on mac

Here is how you can fully edit PDF files on Mac using PDFelement for Mac. Download and install this fabulous PDF editor for Mac and then follow the steps below to modify PDF on Mac.

Step 1. Open a PDF to Edit

After installing PDFelement for Mac, you can now launch it. Upload your PDF file by clicking on the "Edit PDF" button on the Home window. You will be able to access your local folders and select the PDF file. Another way is to move the cursor to the bottom right and click on black icon indicated "Open File". From there, you can browse the PDF file to edit and open with the program.

edit pdf mac

Step 2. Edit PDF Text on Mac

The imported PDF file will be uploaded and opened on the PDFelement. To change texts, click on the“Edit” button at the mid of the tool bar. A formatting tool bar will appear below it. Click on any text block and it will be highlighted. From there you can now delete text, insert text or change font style.

edit pdf mac

Step 3. Edit PDF Image on Mac

  • If you have images on the PDF file, you can also edit them. On the toolbar, click on the "Edit" button. When the formatting bar appears, click on the "Add Image" button. A new window will appear that allows you to add image to the PDF text. Select image from your local folder and upload it. From there you can adjust it to fit the desired position.
  • You can also double click on the image that you want to edit. A pop will appear, select Replace, Crop. Rotate, Extract options to make changes on PDF images.

how to edit a pdf on mac

Step 4. Edit PDF Page on Mac

With PDFelement for Mac you can also modify the pages. Go to the left side of the interface and you will see the "Page"option. Click on the Arrow Down button on it, and a list of options for editing pages in PDF will appear.

  • To remove a page, click on "Delete" and a window will appear to specify a page range. You can choose to delete current page, even pages, odd pages or manually enter the page range. After that, click on "OK" and the page will be deleted.
  • To insert new page, click on "Insert Blank Page" or "Insert from File". After that, enter the number of pages that you want to insert and click on "OK".

edit pdf on mac

Step 5. Save PDF after Editing

Once you are done editing images, text and pages, you need to save your document. To save it with its original name, go to“File”and then click on "Save". Also, you can simply click on "Command + S".

To save it on a new destination, click on "File" followed by "Save AS" button. A pop up window will appear. Enter title of the document, location, and file format. Finally, click on "Save" and your file will be saved.

edit pdf on mac

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