How to Fill out PDF Form on Mac

Simple Steps to Fill out PDF Form on Mac

1. Import PDF into PDFelement for Mac

2. Fill in PDF Form with Interactive Fields

3. Fill in Non-Interactive PDF Form

4. Import or Export Form Data

5. Save PDF Form

pdf form filler mac

If you interact with PDF documents on a daily basis, you will need to fill PDF forms at some point. Once you have the right tool, filling the fillable fields on your PDF document becomes an easy task. You can fill both the interactive forms and the non-interactive fields without any hassle. The following steps describe how to fill out a PDF form on Mac. It also shows how you can import or export the PDF form data, and how you can save the document after filling all the information you need.

fill out pdf form on mac

pdf form filler mac

How to Fill out PDF Form on Mac(macOS 10.14 Included)

The steps will require the use of PDFelement for Mac, and therefore you will have to download and install it on your Mac.

Step 1. Import PDF into PDF Form Filler for Mac

Once you have installed PDFelement, launch it, go ahead, and import the PDF file that holds the form that you want to fill. You can import the PDF in three different ways. Click "Open File" from the Home window and then select and upload the PDF file to the PDFelement. Also, you can choose the PDF, right-click on it, and then choose "Open With > PDFelement" to upload the PDF to the program.

fill out pdf form on mac

Step 2. Fill in PDF Form with Interactive Fields

When you open an interactive form, an information bar will emerge on the top of the file. From the listed information, click the "Highlight Field" button to ensure that all fields are fillable. After activating the fillable fields, click any of the listed fields in your file. When the pointer becomes an I-beam, insert all the information that you want to appear on the selected field. You can fill each field at a time by clicking and filling on the fillable field. Then click "Save" to preserve the new changes to your PDF file.

fill out pdf form on mac

Step 3. Fill in Non-Interactive PDF Form

If there are no interactive fields in your PDF form, click the "Comment" button on the toolbar. After that, you should select the “Add Text” option from the submenu. Then, go ahead and click the blank part on your PDF form to insert a new text. After filling the non-interactive fields, hold down the "Command + S" on your keyboard to save the changes.

fill out pdf form on mac

Step 4. Import or Export Form Data

To import the PDF form data, go to the "Tasks" tab and click it. Then from the displayed options, click the "Import Data" on the bottom right hand side of the screen. The action takes you back to the local folders on your computer to choose the file that you want to import. Select the file, hit on it and then choose "Open". The PDF form data will be imported to a selected area.

To export the form data to your PDF file, go to the "Tasks" tab from and select the "Export Data" button on the right-hand side of the interface. The option will allow you to save the data on a specific folder and a name of your choice. Complete the action by clicking on "Save".

fill out pdf form on mac

Step 5. Save PDF Form

After making all these changes to the PDF, you need to save the document. Go to the "File" button and click "Save as". Then give a name for your document, select its destination and then hit "Save". Alternatively, after you are done filling your PDF forms, you can use the command "Ctrl + S" on your keyboard and give a name and destination for your file. Then hit "Save".

fill in pdf form mac

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