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How to Merge PDF Files on Mac (macOS 10.15 Included)

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2. Rearrange File Sequence

3. Merge PDF Files Free on Mac

merge pdf on mac

People prefer using PDF documents since they are safe and they cannot be corrupted or attacked by a virus. Due to the trust laid on the safety of the Portable Document Format, people find themselves saving so many PDF files on their computers. Some small PDFs contain information that is a continuation of what is included in another PDF. Nonetheless, it is possible to merge PDFs into one PDF document to minimize the size of records in your folders and to form a comprehensive document. This article, therefore, explains how to merge PDF files on Mac.

Merging PDFs into one without disrupting their content layout and information flow can be challenging if you lack the right PDF editor. With many PDF editors flooding the market, it is advisable to use the best and most recommendable, like PDFelement for Mac. This is the best program to merge PDF on Mac and create a single file.

merge pdf on mac

It is cost effective and thus affordable by all PDF users, including students. Additionally, it has a great interface that makes working interesting as all tools are reachable quickly. PDFelement for Mac does not require the internet to function. It is powerful because it allows you to combine as many PDFs as possible into one file, whereby you can also insert one document into multiple files. It lets you rearrange these files into the order you desire for proper information flow, by simply dragging each file to the right position.

Generally, merging PDF on Mac using this software is an easy task that hardly takes up your time. The most interesting part is that PDFelement for Mac allows you convert the merged PDFs into another format like Word. You may also transform to PowerPoint or Excel for presentation or statistical analysis purposes, respectively.

From the facts above, you can tell that PDFelement for Mac has more to offer through the following features:

  • It edits PDFs effortlessly, by removing, adding and changing texts, links and images. For authentication purposes, it adds or alters backgrounds and watermark as well, which are entirely removable
  • To combines PDFs to help in complete PDF file creation
  • It further creates fillable PDF forms that contain interactive form controls
  • It facilitates the transformation of PDFs to other files formats to ease presentation through PowerPoint or statistical analysis through Excel, among others
  • It allows collaboration of information and ides through annotation
merge pdf on mac

How to Merge PDF Documents on Mac

The steps below direct you on how to merge PDF Mac using PDFelement for Mac.

Step 1. Load the PDFs You Want to Merge PDF Pages

After PDFelement is successfully installed, launch the program and then the next thing you need to do is to import all the PDF files that you want to merge. To import the files, click on "Combine PDF" on the Home window and a new window will appear.

Click "Add Files" the option takes you to the local folders where the PDFs are located, and you can select all the files that you want to import from their local folders. Before you proceed to the next step, make sure that all the files that you want to merge are added to the program.

merge pdf on mac

Step 2. Rearrange File Sequence

After importing all the PDF files to the program, you need to rearrange them in the manner you want them to appear in the final document.

To rearrange the PDF files, drag each of them to make sure that they are aligned in the right manner. For the files that contain related or continuous information, you have to make sure that the files are arranged in a sequential manner.

merge pdf on mac

Step 3. Customize Output Settings

Once you have rearranged the PDFs, you can customize the settings for the new or combined PDF document. Click the "Settings" button on the menu bar of the window. Under "Output Options" you will see "Keep original file names" and "Add final original name".

Under file size, you will be able to change the file size from original to A4, A3, U.S Letter, or U.S Legal. You can also change the files width and height by checking on "Custom" button.

merge pdf on mac

Step 4. Merge PDF Files into One

After ensuring that you have selected the output settings for your merged PDF, click the "Combine" button, and the selected PDFs will be merged into one file. To ensure that the document is accessible on your computer, you have to save it for later access. To save the combined PDF, go to the "File" menu, click it and then select "Save As", give a name to your PDF file, select where you want to locate it and then click the "Save" button to save the merged document.

merge pdf on mac

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