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How to Open PDF in InDesign on Mac

Adobe InDesign is a go-to professional graphics application used to create and edit graphic elements on documents including images, logos, flyer designs, etc. One of the reasons it’s sat well with Mac users is that users can open PDF in Indesign.

However, when it comes to editing PDFs, there’s nothing much that you can do with InDesign. You can alter the position of texts and images, but that’s just about all the editing you can do on PDFs using InDesign.

In this article, we’ll show you how to open PDF in InDesign, and also introduce you to an all-round professional tool for editing and managing PDFs, graphical files, and a vast array of digital files.

How to Open PDF in InDesign on Mac

InDesign supports not only PDF, but a wide range of file formats, including JPEG, PGN RTF, QXP, TXT, etc. It provides functions for creating and editing digital files similar to features available in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. However, the app isn’t really cut out to handle PDF files, hence, many Mac users often run into difficulties when trying to open a PDF in InDesign. To boot, InDesign has very little to offer when it comes to editing PDF files. But there's no reason to despair over this. Read on to learn simple steps you can take to open PDF in InDesign, and to customize just about any type of digital file using the magnificent PDFelement.

Note: One of the most prevalent reasons why many Mac users run into difficulties when trying to open a PDF file is that their PDF files is usually quite sizable. In such cases, a way around the drawback is to try compressing the PDF file's size.

Steps to Open PDF in InDesign

Step 1: Load the PDF File

By default, InDesign runs all imported files in form of graphic files. To load a PDF file as a graphic file, select “File” > “Place”, locate and select the PDF file you want to load from its storage folder, and then select the “Open” option. You'll find your cursor transform into a graphics icon. Upon this signal, you can click on the PDF file to load it on the app. After the page is loaded, you can adjust the page's frame to fit perfectly inside the screen by clicking and dragging the graphics page into a centralized position.

Step 2: Customize Import Options

Open the “Place” dialog box, and then select the PDF file you want to customize loading options for. Afterwards, select “Show Import Options” and click “Open”. This will present you with a number of option to customize the execution of the import function on the PDF file.

pdf editor mac

Best InDesign Alternative to Open PDF on Mac

There is a long list of wonderful apps that can better handle PDFs and graphic documents than InDesign, and PDFelement for Mac rules the rooster. Better yet, you can combine the InDesign app and PDfelement for Mac for an even more powerful file management toolset. You can easily create and edit PDF files that have graphic elements by first of all using InDesign to create and design a graphics file, and then exporting the graphics file from InDesign to PDFelement for Mac in order to convert it to an editable PDF file.

how to open pdf in indesign mac

However, on it’s own, PDFelement for Mac is a file management powerhouse that hosts an exhaustive array of editing, converting, sharing and file security functions. With PDFelement for Mac, you don’t need to use two different apps to handle PDF and graphic files; you can create and edit both PDF and graphic files all in one place. With PDFelement for Mac, you can create a PDF file with graphic contents by simply importing various image files, text files, PowerPoint files, web pages, and many other digital elements and assembling them in one PDF file. The app’s editing functions work like those of Microsoft Word; with just a couple of clicks, you can add or remove texts, change the formatting and fonts of texts, and execute many other customization functions with the app.

pdf editor mac

What’s more, PDFelement for Mac comes with a neat, intuitive user interface that smoothens the app’s learning curve and allows for seamless user experience.

Key Features of PDFelement for Mac
  • A multifunctional file editor that offers a vast range of tools to create and edit PDF files with, including functions for adding/deleting texts, images and other elements, splitting/merging PDF pages, rearranging pages, and lots more.
  • An image editing toolset that includes tools for cropping, resizing, rotating, repositioning and compressing images.
  • A versatile file converter that converts PDF files to and from a vast number of files, including text files such as HTML, EPUB, Word, etc; and image files such as JPEG, PGN, etc
  • Form creator/filler for creating and filling interactive fields on PDF files
  • A tool for creating digital signatures and inserting them in PDF files
  • State-of-the-art security features for files such as encryption, password protection, and text redaction
how to open pdf in indesign mac

How to Open PDFs with PDFelement for Mac

Opening PDF files on PDFelement for Mac is as simple as a few clicks, and you can do this in two different ways. They’re as follows:

Method 1: The Drag and Drop Route

Step 1: Download, install, and run PDfelement on your Mac

Step 2: Next, locate the PDF file you want to open, hold down your cursor on it, drag it with your cursor and drop it in the home screen of the running app. The file will instantly be opened as a PDF file in the app.

Method 2: The “Create File” Route

Step 1: Click on the “Open File” button

Step 2: Next, your storage folders will pop up. Choose the PDF file you want to edit, and the file will be automatically opened on the app.

export notes as pdf on mac el capitan

how to open pdf in indesign mac
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