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How to Recognize PDF Form Fields on Mac

Simple Steps to Recognize PDF Form Fields on Mac

1. Download PDFelement for Mac Free

2. Load a PDF Form

3. Recognize PDF Form Fields on Mac

4. Fill out the PDF Form

recognize pdf form fields on mac

When creating PDF forms, you’re normally given the choice to decide which fields in the form can be filled and edited. As such, a PDF form can be non-interactive, meaning the creator either does not wish for the fields to be tampered with, or mistakenly failed to enable editable properties in the form. To trump this limitation, you need a form field recognition Mac software.

Non-interactive PDF forms are basically created by default, and it might take some extra effort to convert the basic PDF form to an interactive, fillable form. As a result, it’s common to come across non-interactive PDF files on a regular basis. So having a reliable tool to recognize PDF form fields Mac can serve you on a regular basis. In uninteractive PDF files, the cursor does not change and the blinking upright bar does not appear when you hover your cursor around the fields and click on them.

In this piece, we show you why printing, handfilling and scanning the file isn't the only viable way to fill uninteractive PDF files. We show you how to easily recognize PDF form fields on Mac using the remarkable PDFelement for Mac.

Part 2: How to Recognize PDF Form Fields with PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac is a well-rounded file management tool that helps you create, fill, edit, and sign both fillable and non-interactive PDF forms, even if you're not tech savvy. In addition, the tool also comes with a splendid OCR function that allows you to turn scanned PDF forms into fillable, editable PDF forms. With the app, you can easily extract texts and data from an image file like scanned documents into searchable, editable CSV files. The app's file conversion function allows you to work with wads of file formats without a hassle. The app's converter supports nearly every digital file format that you can think of, from PDF to HTML, Pages, EPUB, Power, Word, RTF, and many others.

recognize pdf form fields on mac

recognize pdf form fields on mac

PDFelement for Mac is renowned as a multi-functional file editor with a nearly unparalleled host of features, including features for changing texts, images, and various other parts of a PDF form. You can modify PDF files all the way to the page level, with options to add/remove rotate, reorder, and crop pages. The app also provides functions to further personalize files, including highlighting, watermarks, sticky notes, shapes, lines, comments, etc.

The app is compatible with all versions of Mac OS from 10.10 and beyond, including Mac OS 10.14 Mohave.

Steps for Recognizing Form Fields on Mac Using PDFelement for Mac

Step 1. Load a PDF Form

First, you need to download and install the latest version of PDFelement on your Mac. Now, run the app, and then load the PDF file you want to fill by dragging and dropping it on the app's home screen, or choose the "File>Open" selection and then selecting the file.

how to recognize pdf form on mac

Step 2: Recognize PDF Form Fields on Mac

Next, click on the "Form" button on the tool bar, and then click on "Form Field Recognition" on the formatting bar that pops up next to provide you with form filling options. In an instant from then, PDFelement will begin recognizing the form fields in your PDF form.

how to recognize pdf form on mac

Step 3. Fill out the PDF Form

The fields will be highlighted automatically as the app recognizes the text fields. The next thing to do now is to click on "Form" on the menu bar, and then start entering texts in the form fields. Simply click on any of the fields and type in the desired texts like you would in any fillable form. When you're done, save the changes.

how to recognize pdf form on mac

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