How to Remove Watermark from PDF on Mac

Simple Steps to Remove PDF Watermark on Mac

1. Download PDFelement for Mac Free

2. Open Your PDF

3. Remove Watermark from a PDF

4. Batch Remove Watermark from PDF Files

remove watermark from pdf mac

Adding watermarks is one way of preventing duplication or counterfeiting of your PDF document. Watermarks are any kind of overlay texts, objects or images that appear on PDF files. However, you will notice that these watermarks causes distraction while reading the PDF file and you may be forced to remove them. This article therefore shows you how to remove watermark from PDF on Mac, even from a batch of PDFs at a time.

pdf watermark remover mac

PDFelement for Mac is a well-rounded digital file format that gives you all the tools you need to manage and modify digital files. Watermark is a frequently used digital file element, and the creators of PDFelement for Mac know this. The app is designed to give you complete mastery over watermarks. With this PDF Watermark remover mac, you can choose to remove watermarks from an entirety or select pages of a PDF file. And when you use this app to remove watermark from PDF, you can rest assured that the app's operations will not alter the quality or layout of your file. The app generally functions swiftly and glitch-free. PDFelement for Mac runs seamlessly on MacOS 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13 and 10.14.

Key features:

  • A highly intuitive user interface that allows users to access a wide array of functions with just a few clicks
  • A rich assortment of PDF editing tools, including tools to add text, image and various other elements of a digital file
  • Functions for adding and removing watermarks from PDF files
  • Functions to modify meta data in PDF files
  • Batch process feature for removing watermarks from numerous PDF files in one go
  • Password protection to safeguard digital files from unauthorized access
how to remove watermark from pdf mac

How to Use PDF Watermark Remover for Mac

By the end of this guide you will be able to remove watermarks in PDF effortlessly. The process is simple and straightforward. Just download PDFelement for Mac on your Mac and install it. From there, you can now follow the following Steps.

Step 1. Open Your PDF with PDFelement for Mac

Open PDFelement for Mac on your Mac. Next click on the "Open File" button to choose your PDF file.

remove watermark pdf mac

Step 2. Remove Watermark from a PDF on Mac

To remove PDF watermark, click on "Tool" on the left side pane. A list of options will subsequently appear. Since you just want to remove the watermarks on the file that you have uploaded click on the "Add or Edit Watermark" option to remove watermark from a PDF on Mac.

remove watermark pdf mac

Step 3. Batch Remove Watermark from PDF Files

What if you have several PDF files that you need to remove watermarks? Well, follow the following Steps. On the left hand side of the interface, click the "Batch Process" option. From the drop down menu click "Batch Remove".

A window will appear that allows you to add files. Select the PDF files that you want to remove watermarks.

how to remove watermark from pdf mac

Step 4. Save Your PDF(s)

For batch removal of PDF watermarks, once you click on "Remove". The program allows you to define location and create a folder of the PDF files. Therefore, create a folder; name it well and then click on "Save" button. The PDFelement for Mac will remove the watermarks instantly and with save the files on the chosen folder.

To save the changes after removing watermarks on a single file, go to "File" and click on the "Save" button. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut "Command + S" option.

remove watermark pdf mac

pdf editing on mac
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