How to Sign PDF on Mac(macOS 10.14 Included)

Simple Steps to Sign a PDF on Mac

1. Open PDF with PDFelement for Mac

2. Set Pages as Output Format

3. Select Page Range to Convert

4. Enable OCR For Scanned PDF

sign pdf on mac

You may receive a legal document that is in a PDF form and you are required to sign it. Signing a PDF file is somehow hectic when you do not have the write PDF tool. However, in today’s world of PDF softwares, there are several PDF that have been built with PDF signing functionality. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to sign PDF on Mac.

sign pdf on mac

sign pdf on mac

How to Sign a PDF on Mac

The steps below take you through how to electronically sign a PDF on Mac and how to save the changes. But before you follow the steps below, ensure that you have installed PDFelement for Mac. From there you can now open it under “Applications” folder.

Step 1. Open Your PDF with PDFelement for Mac

After opening the PDF signer for Mac, you need to import the PDF document or PDF form that you want to sign. There are different ways that you can import the file. You can simply click on "Open File". A window will appear that lets you access your local folders. Choose the desired file and open it with the program. You can also import the PDF file by going to main menu and clicking "File" then the “Open" option. The "Open Recent" option enables you to access the PDF files that you have opened them recently with the program.

sign pdf on mac

Step 2. Sign PDF Documents on Mac

The PDF file uploaded will be displayed on the program. To sign the PDF document, click on the "Markup" button located on the tool bar. A number of markups will appear on the formatting bar. Click on the "Stamp" icon. A stamp management window will appear. Click on "+" at the bottom right of the stamp management window. You will have four options highlighted below:

sign pdf on mac

  • Type a new stamp
  • Here you can create your own stamp. Click on "Enter your Stamp" and start typing after choosing the font type, typeface, font color and preferred opacity. After that click on "Done" and you will be able to move the signature to desired location on the PDF.

  • Draw a new stamp
  • When you click on "Draw a new stamp" you will be able to draw your signature. Set the thickness, color and opacity and click on the blank space. From there you can draw your signature. There is also a rubber that erases any unwanted drawings. From there, click on "Done"

  • Create a stamp from a captured picture
  • This option allows you to use a signature from a picture. Take a white sheet of paper and enter your signature. Position it the paper to the camera on screen (green light). Once it is displayed well, click on "Accept" and then crop out the unwanted parts. Lastly click on "Done" and insert the signature to the document.

  • Create stamp from image file
  • If you have an image on your Mac that you wish to extract a signature, then this is the right option. After clicking on it, select the image that has the signature and then click "Open" button. Next, you will crop the image to desired size. Click on "Done" and insert the signature on the document.

sign pdf on mac

Step 3. Sign PDF Form

For the PDF forms you will still have to use the same steps as the one for signing PDF documents. Click on the "Comment" button followed by the "Stamp" icon. Under the "Sign Here" category, choose a preferred template and drag it to the desired location on your PDF form. You can create custom made signatures by clicking on the "+" button on the stamp management window.

sign pdf on mac

Step 4. Save the Signed Document

Lastly, save the changes by going to "File" and then "Save" button. To rename the file click on "Save As" option.

sign pdf on mac

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