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How to Unlock PDF On Mac (Including macOS 10.14)

4 Simple Steps to Unlock a Locked PDF File on Mac

Step 1: Open the secured PDF file on the Preview app

Step 2: Open the “File” menu and then select the “Print” option

Step 3: In the next menu, select the XPS Document Writer as the preferred printer. This option disables any security protection that might prevent the document from being printed.

Step 4: Now that the document has been unlocked for editing and printing, you can now revert it back to its original PDF format by selecting “Print” and then choosing to print to PDF format.

unlock on mac

It’s a common thing for shared documents to come with password protection. Password protection is the first line of defence against a data breach or unauthorized access. From contracts to invoices and financial records, PDF password protection can help secure the integrity of various sensitive documents. However, as much as you need to know about deploying password protection for your PDF, you also need to know how to unlock a secured PDF Mac. Since 90% of shared files are password-protected, you’ll most likely find a need to circumvent password encryption when you don’t have the password at hand.

A locked PDF will not be read, edited or copied until its password protection is removed. This is often the case with proprietary documents or purchased eBooks which have been copyrighted against copying and printing. But unfortunately, such password protection might prevent you from having a fully immersive reading session by disabling comments, highlight and annotations. It can also prevent you from using certain software to convert files into other formats that are more suitable for reading on other devices. For these and many other reasons, it is highly expedient to familiarize yourself with how to unlock PDF without using password on Mac.

There are many expedient tools that can help you execute a secured PDF unlock on Mac under emergencies where you don’t have the password to secured files that are urgently needed. These expedient tools are indispensable because they can be used to unlock a secured PDF with just a few clicks. Can you see all the possibilities that await you if you know how to unlock a PDF file on Mac? Well, you’ll get to figure out just how useful it might be after implementing the following steps we’ve provided here for using a desktop software to unlock PDF on Mac for free.

How to Unlock PDF On Mac with PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac offers highly expedient features that simplify not only how to unlock a secured PDF file on Mac, but also how to manage and manipulate the files. It features a highly versatile converter that can help you circumvent password protection on PDF files. With PDFelement for Mac, you can easily unlock PDF on Mac for free files by simply converting them to other file formats. And when it comes to the array of file formats to convert the locked PDF file into, PDFelement for Mac provides you with a boatload of options to choose from. You can convert the PDF file to Word, Excel, HTML, PowerPoint, EPUB, plain text and lots more.

unlock on mac

What’s more, this PDF unlocker for mac also allows you to convert the unlocked PDF file that you’ve converted and edited back into PDF format or any one of the wads of file formats supported. And you can convert these files on either end of the unlocking and editing process with just a couple of clicks and in a jiffy.

And as for editing tools, you’ll be furnished with an impressive array of editing tools including annotations, markups, numbering, and altering texts. You can also place your own password protection on the unlocked and edited file. And there’s the file redaction feature in case you’d rather have certain parts of the document secured away from unauthorized prying eyes.

unlock on mac

Unlock PDF without Password by PDFelement for Mac

Step 1. Open the Locked PDF

Run PDFelement on your Mac, and then open the locked PDF file by selecting “Open File” at the bottom of the window.

Step 2: Convert the PDF File to Any of the Supported File Formats

Locate the “Home” tab, and then open the “to others” submenu. From the drop-down list that appears afterwards, choose the output file format you want to convert the PDF file into. Afterwards, select the destination folder you want to save the file in. After choosing all the conversion settings options correctly, click on the “Start” button to initiate the conversion process.

Step 3: Covert back to PDF (Optional):

After editing the converted and unlocked file, you can then convert it back to PDF by implementing step 2.

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