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iPhone/iPad won't Turn on in iOS 13, How to Fix?

An iPhone or iPad on iOS 13 is an Apple product that people expect to function properly and always gets better as new models are produced. So when it starts having problems such as not turning on, you may panic. There are several tips to fix iPhone 11/XR/XS/8/7/6 black screen or won’t turn on. You just require guidance on the steps to take, so that you can know what to do when your iPhone or iPad won’t turn on. This article is the perfect guide because it has all the necessary information on what to do when your iPhone or iPad won’t turn on.

How to Fix iPhone/iPad won’t Turn on in iOS 13

Reasons Why iPhone/iPad Won’t Turn on in iOS 13

Several factors can make your iPhone or iPad fail to turn on after pressing the power button. It could be that it has no charge and thus lacks the power to function. If it has charged and still does not turn on, then probably the hardware has a problem that is preventing the booting process. Another factor is bad battery, which hardly charges or functions.

Whatever the cause is, you will have a bad experience because you will be unable to communicate with others. The situation gets worse when you do not know what to do when your iPhone or iPad won’t turn on.

Tips for How to Fix

1. Plug in

When the battery is dead, an iPhone or iPad can hardly function because there is no power to boot the system. Therefore, no matter what you do, the iDevice will not turn on. When a dead battery is the problem, the signs include “low battery” indicator just before the black screen.

However, you can only notice this when you are in direct contact with your iPhone. Since you may not be fully sure if a dead battery is the reason why you iPhone or iPad is not turning on, you can rule it out by charging the iDevice.

  • Plug in the wall charger and leave your iPhone to charge for about 30 minutes.
  • Do not turn it on immediately you plug in the charger because the battery will still not have power. Fix apple iPhone black screen or won’t turn on by giving it time to acquire power.

Ensure that your charger is in good shape. Otherwise a broken charger or charging cable will not help solve the problem.

2. Perform a Hard Reset

Performing a hard reset did fix my iPad won’t turn on. It is a process that forces an iPad or iPhone to reboot when it becomes unresponsive. Therefore, it is another way to restart an iPhone that won’t turn on or restart an iPad that won’t turn on.

The procedure to hard reset your iPhone is as follows;

  • Place your fingers on the “Home” and “Sleep/Wake” buttons, then press and hold down at the same time
  • Continue doing so until the Apple logo is displayed on the screen
  • Then let go

The Apple logo is a good sign since it means that the iPhone is turning on at last.

3. Restore the iOS Operating System

A frozen operating system makes it impossible for the iPhone or iPad to turn on. At times this happens because the iOS software is corrupt or damaged. The best action to fix apple iPhone black screen or won’t turn on is to restore the operating system. For you to successfully carry out this task, you need iTunes on a Mac or PC.

The following procedure should see you through the restoration of the iOS operating system

  • Connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer that is running iTunes
  • iTunes will detect the iDevice in recovery mode after connection
  • Therefore, it will suggest “there is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored.”
  • Since you want to restore the operating system, you should select “Restore”; iTunes will respond by downloading the latest software for iOS from Apple.
  • It will proceed to install in in you iPad or iPhone.

Restoration of the iOS operating system wipes the data and files on your iDevice. However, you should not feel loss because they are not accessible when your device does not boot. Recovery of the data is possible later from iCloud backup.

If the solution is successful, it means that now you know what to do when your iPhone or iPad won’t turn on.

4. Replace iPhone Battery

All of the above methods are likely to fix apple iPhone black screen or won’t turn on. However, it is all in vain if the battery is misbehaving even after hours of charging. You do not have to feel stranded about what to do when your iPhone or iPad won’t turn on.

Try replacing the device battery if none of the above tips has worked so far. Removing the battery must be handled with care as follows.

  • Acquire some toolkit such as suction cup, standard Philips 00 screwdriver and plastic pry tool; the screwdriver is the main tool, since it removes the Pent lobe screws at the bottom side of the iPhone.
  • So use this Pent lobe screwdriver t safely remove the screws and put them at a safe place.
  • Use the suction cup to apply tough pressure on the home button upside. Open the small gap and make the screen open
  • Remove the battery carefully from its place and line up the new one. Press it into place softly.
  • Return everything back to normal, including the screws to close up.
  • If your device refuses to switch on, do not worry about what to do when your iPhone or iPad won’t turn on. Charge the new battery and try again.

5. Contact Apple

All the above tips should fix apple iPhone black screen or won’t turn on. However, they can fail too that means that the problem is hardware related and thus needs more technical intervention. At this point, you should contact Apple or visit the closest Apple store.

If the device is still under warranty, the concern persons will fix the device without charging you. If the warranty period is over, you can still get the device fixed, though you will be charged a certain fee.

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