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PDF Expert Can't Work on iOS 13? How to Fix

PDF Expert is a reliable and robust PDF editor for iOS, which enables you to manipulate PDF documents in your iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, you may experience PDF expert iPad problems on iOS 13 as you work with these documents, which cause inconveniences and embarrassment. These issues arise from faults that could be unclear to you and so it is wise to get educated. This article has information on how to handle PDF expert not working with iOS 13, since the problems have solutions. When PDF expert does not work with iOS 13, do not panic because you can handle it on your own.

The Common Issues of PDF Expert on iOS 13

  • Sync issues- at some point PDF expert not working on iPad for iOS 13 is caused by sync issues, whereby the application is unable to perform sync. Background sync should take place automatically, and if it does not you begin to experience working problems.
  • Failures to update automatically- automatic updates are always configured in the iOS settings. If the app fails to update automatically, there is a possibility of having PDF expert iPad problems on iOS 13.
  • PDF expert does not open or quits unexpectedly- it is not normal for any application as robust as the PDF expert to just quit unexpectedly as you use it to annotate, read or edit PDF documents. However, PDF expert quits or does not open on iOS 13 once in a while and it causes inconveniences.
  • Freezing- when PDF expert app freezes on iOS 13, it just stops working or responding to any actions you take. It also prevents you from accessing other applications, or even the files in the PDF expert.
  • PDF expert does not send mail- as you use the PDF expert in your iPad or iPhone to send files, the application utilizes a standard mail composer. As soon as you tap Mail, the operations proceed through the Mail app tools. Unfortunately, PDF expert may fail to send the mails, which also concludes that email attachments are not working. You will then come to the final conclusion that PDF expert does not work with iOS 13.

These issues interfere with work in your iPhone or iPad and such a situation is causes an embarrassing experience. Luckily, there is a solution for each of the above problems. So desist from thinking that PDF expert does not work with iOS 13 because it does. The problem is that the road towards perfection is a little bumpy.

How to Fix PDF Expert Not Working Issue on iPhone 11/XR/XS/8/7/6

1. Update PDF Expert Manually

When PDF expert fails to update automatically, it gives one the idea that PDF expert does not work with iOS 13. So the best way forward is to update manually. The following steps can guide you through the process.

  • In the iOS settings, sign out your Apple ID account; access “iTunes or iCloud and App Store settings”; go to your account; ensure you sign out
  • Reboot your iPad or iPhone; press and hold the Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously for about ten seconds
  • Sign in your Apple ID
  • Access “App Store” app ; go to “Updates”; then “Purchased”; choose “PDF Expert” and choose the “Update” button.

2. Reboot Your Device

When PDF expert quits or does not open on iOS 13, it is right to assume that it is crashing. So the best way to have it up and running again is by rebooting your iPhone or iPad.

  • Hold and the press the Sleep/Wake button
  • Let go when the red slider appears
  • To turn off the device, drag the slider
  • Wait for about 20 seconds, then hold and press the Sleep/Wake button the second time, until the Apple Logo appears.

This procedure reboots all apps including PDF expert.

3. Disable iCloud for PDF Expert

When PDF expert app freezes on iOS 13, you can resolve the issue by disabling iCloud for PDF expert. To do so, follow the following steps.

  • Open the iOS settings
  • Go to “iCloud”
  • Access the “iCloud Drive”
  • Then disable the PDF expert toggle.
  • Also, enable the “Airplane” mode

If you urgently need the files in PDF Expert when the app freezes, access them in “Files App” in the “PDF Expert location”

If this procedure does not resolve the freezing of the app try the following steps;

  • Hold and the press the Sleep/Wake button
  • Let go as soon as the red slider appears
  • To turn off the device by dragging the slider
  • Wait for about 20 seconds, then hold and press the Sleep/Wake button again patiently, until the Apple Logo appears.

4. Disconnect the Storage from the App

The PDF expert iPad problems on iOS 13 caused by syncing issues can be resolved by disconnecting the link between the web storage account and the app then connecting again. Use the following steps to:


  • Access the “In the Cloud” tab; it is located in the Services tab on your iPhone and PDF expert side bar on your iPad
  • Access “Storage”; to tap and hold on it
  • Tap “Remove.”

Connect again;

  • Access your device’s “In the Cloud” tab”
  • Tap the “+Add” icon
  • Select the storage needed
  • Sign in once more.

After this step, try to sync the folders again.

5. Resend the Unset Mail

Whenever you have problems about PDF expert not working with iOS 13 because the app is not sending emails, you can try resending again. Normally the emails get stuck in the Outbox folder found in the Mail app. So;

  • Launch the Mail app
  • Access the “Outbox”
  • Look for the unsent email
  • Choose it resend

Best PDF Expert Alternative on iOS 13

In a world where PDF files are more convenient to use than actual paper files, you require an application that can help you deal with PDF in the easiest way possible. PDF Expert can be this application. However, the best alternative for PDF Expert is PDFelement for iOS. This PDF tool lets you edit your PDF files from any location through your iPhone or iPad.

pdf editing on mac

Therefore, if your iDevice uses iOS 13, this is the perfect alternative to use. It can do marvelous things for you, including merging files, reordering and rotating pages and extracting certain pages. Additionally, it can delete the unnecessary ones.


Using PDFelement for iOS as the PDF Expert alternative comes with several benefits. First, it is a free application and so you have the opportunity to utilize the best file management system without using cash. Second, it is a reliable PDF editor that can keep track of the pages you read and hence makes reading convenient.

Third, it is user friendly and hence suitable for everyone that desires to have the best PDF management. Lastly, it makes conversion of a physical document to PDF an easy task because the built-in camera feature does the scanning in an instant. PDFelement for iOS is worth your time.

ios pdf editor

The Best Desktop and iOS PDF Editor - PDFelement for Mac

The complete PDF solution, PDFelement for Mac, is the most preferable desktop and iOS PDF editor, considering that it a complete set of tools. This PDF editor is powerful enough to handle the creation of PDF documents securely, quickly and affordably. Therefore, it is a tool that you can use at work and in school. Creation of professionally and great looking PDFs is just the tip of the ice berg since PDFelement for mac has a lot more to offer.

pdf editing on mac

PDFelement for Mac has great features that deal with complicated tasks. As you create PDF forms, which are also fillable, you can convert other non-fillable documents made in other office applications like Excel and Word. At the same time, you can extract PDF data from other multiple identical documents to create a single Excel document.

pdf editor mac

If you would like to archive and analyze paper documents, PDFelement for mac can make this happen. It can export data from scanned paper documents, thus accurately and instantly convert them into office files. With multiple forms waiting in the template library, you can hardly struggle with different industry and department work.

Which Can Help You Better - iOS or Desktop PDF Editor

Product Features PDFelement for iOS
ios pdf editor
PDFelement for Mac
mac pdf editor
Edit PDF Files
Convert PDF Files
Annotations and Comments
Create PDF Files
Sign PDF Files
Add Watermarks, Backgrounds, Headers and Footers
Add Bookmarks
Access to Hundreds of PDF Templates
Added Page Labeling
Search and Replace
Adjustable Page Boxes
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