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How to Annotate PDF on iOS 13

Simple Steps to Annotate PDF on iOS 13

1. Download PDFelement for iOS free

2. Open PDF File on your iPhone 11/XR/XS/8/7/6

3. Select the Tools to Annotate PDF

4. Strikethrough, Underline and Highlight PDF Text

5. Add Some Sticky Notes on PDF

pdf editing on mac

Among all the best PDF annotation apps for iOS 13, PDFelement for iOS stands out because it is a free mobile application that has powerful annotation tools. It is the ultimate PDF annotation app for iPhone and iPad iOS 13 because it lets you underline, comment, highlight, strikethrough or draw markups very easily.

The user interface of PDFelement for iOS is intuitive, making it great for beginners as well. The annotations options are placed well in the application such that your job is simply to identify what you want and use it instantly. It is always available to annotate PDF iOS 13.

ios pdf editor

More Features

This iOS 13 app to annotate PDF has other features aside from annotation. Text editing is among them, which enables the manipulation of texts and text aspects such as color, font and style. Another feature to look forward to is Wi-Fi transfer, which enables you to transfer PDFs through Wi-Fi connection across multiple different devices.

Through the seamless cloud connectivity feature, PDFelement for iOS lets you connect it to cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox, to upload and also access stored PDFs. Therefore, regardless of your location, whether at home or on vacation, your work can proceed as planned.

How to Annotate PDF on iOS 13 with PDFelment for iOS

1. Download PDFelement for iOS Free

To annotate PDF on iPad and iPhone iOS 13 using PDFelement for iOS requires you to have it in your iDevice. Since it is a free application, you should proceed with the downloading process smoothly and at any moment. When the download and installation process is complete, open the iOS 13 app to annotate PDF.

2. Open PDF File on your iDevice

To begin the annotation process, the respective PDF files needs to be opened in this PDF annotation app for iPhone and iPad iOS 13. Therefore, transfer the PDF files to the annotation app and expect the document list to show up on the local list. Browse this list and select the desired PDF document to open it.

3. Select the Tools to Annotate PDF

As soon as the PDF files is open in the iOS 13 app to annotate PDF, the next step is choosing the annotation tools that you need to annotate PDF iOS 13. To select these tools, go to the top of the screen and choose the first icon. The annotation tools that you will find include Sticky note, Highlighter, Shape, Typewriter, Stamp and Pencil among others.

4. Strikethrough, Underline and Highlight PDF Text

When you select the “Highlighter” icon, you can choose the “Highlight” “Strikethrough” and “Underline” tools. Then move your finger to the texts you want highlighted. Tap and choose the text and highlighting will take place immediately. The same should happen for strikethrough and underline text.

5. Add Some Sticky Notes on PDF

The floating bar also contains that “Sticky Note” icon that adds sticky note to annotate PDF iOS 13. Tap it and move to the PDF file part that you need to put the sticky note. Tap on it at that point and the note will automatically appear.

Other PDF Annotation App for iPhone and iPad iOS 13

1. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is among the best apps to read and annotate PDF books on iPad iOS 13 since it is the excellent solution for any PDF needs in iOS devices. It provides tools for reading, making notes, annotating PDF documents, highlighting texts, signing, underlining, striking through and out, and adding stamps, among others. This iOS 13 app to annotate PDF is also compatible with Adobe Acrobat and Preview, making it possible to preview and read changes made and saved. The app organization makes annotation easier since it prevent cluttering of the screen through standard icons, popover menus and generously-sized buttons.

Download it at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pdf-expert-by-readdle/id743974925?mt=8.

pdf editor mac

2. PDFpen

PDFpen falls under the category of the best PDF annotation apps for iOS 13 because despite specializing more in signing of contracts, it gives the ability to make comments of presentation. This iOS 13 app to annotate PDF also enables users to fill out PDF application forms and make corrections where necessary, among other things.

PDFpen can help you annotate PDF on iPad and iPhone iOS 13 accurately and affordably through its intuitive use interface. It synchronizes with iCloud as well, as it offers functionalities that enable the modification of PDF files. You can rely on PDFpen to annotate PDF iOS 13.

Download it at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pdfpen-4-pdf-editor/id924203665?mt=8.

pdf editor mac

3. Neu. Annotate + PDF

Neu. Annotate + PDF is among the best PDF annotation apps for iOS 13 that open and annotate PDF documents in applications supporting the “Open With” command. Such applications include Dropbox, Safari, Box and Mail, among others. Since this PDF annotation app for iPhone and iPad iOS 13 integrates with multiple iCloud services, it supports the importation of PDF files using iTunes, Dropbox and WebDAV services.

Neu. Annotate + PDF has an impressive capacity to create and also edit PDFs, which is accompanied by annotating features like striking out, highlighting, adding notes and underlining. This app is also easy to use.

Download it at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/neu-annotate-pdf/id478313705?mt=8.

pdf editor mac

4. iAnnotate PDF

iAnnotate PDF is another one of the best PDF annotation apps for iOS 13. Its comprehensive features and intuitive interface enable you to manage, annotate and share files from your iPad or iPhone. The majority of the iAnnotate PDF users utilize it in revising screen plays, taking notes on lecture slides, grading papers and annotating valuables business documents.

With this PDF annotation app for iPhone and iPad iOS 13 in your iDevice, you can completely control your PDFs. You may use iAnnotate PDF’s notable feature to convert PDFs and then annotate them. Therefore, annotating PDFs is great with iAnnotate PDF.

Download it at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iannotate-4-pdfs-more/id1093924230?mt=8.

pdf editor mac

iOS and Desktop PDF Editor

PDFelement for Mac is the most advisable to use as your iOS and desktop PDF editor and annotator. It is the best application to use in your Mac because it allows you to create PDFs, which you can edit and annotate whenever you need to change the PDF structure. As you annotate PDF files, you can add notes, underline, strike out and highlight texts and also create custom stamps. PDFelement for Mac is capable of making your professional life a lot easier.

pdf editing on mac

pdf editor mac

Aside from creating and annotating PDFs, PDFelement for Mac can do a lot more to ease your work. It enables you to apply passwords to your files so that they can stay safe from unauthorized people, who could make unwanted or harmful changes. These passwords can be created in the application as personalized encrypted passwords too that you can use to sign your documents.

Additionally, PDFelement for Mac enables editing whereby you can remove or add relevant texts or sensitive texts from PDFs. It also allows the insertion of new pages as well as replacement of the old with the new.

Which Can Help You Better - iOS or Desktop PDF Editor

Product Features PDFelement for iOS
ios pdf editor
PDFelement for Mac
mac pdf editor
Edit PDF Files
Convert PDF Files
Annotations and Comments
Create PDF Files
Sign PDF Files
Add Watermarks, Backgrounds, Headers and Footers
Add Bookmarks
Access to Hundreds of PDF Templates
Added Page Labeling
Search and Replace
Adjustable Page Boxes
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