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How to Scan Documents to PDF on iOS 13

Simple Steps to Scan to PDF on iOS 13

1. Download PDFelement for iOS free

2. Launch the PDFelement for iOS on iPhone 11/XR/XS/8/7/6

3. Take a Photo

4. Edit the Page

5. Save as PDF

pdf editing on ios

There are many PDF applications that seem to resemble PDFelement for iOS. However, none can scan a document to PDF with iPhone iOS 13, like PDFelement of iOS does. As this powerful and free mobile application conducts its functionalities, it can perfectly scan PDF iOS 13. This privilege comes at no expense since it is a scan PDF app, free on iOS 13. It is definitely the best scan to PDF app for iPhone and iPad iOS 13 because the steps to do so are simple and the user interface is intuitive. If you are a beginner, go for this simply designed app.

ios pdf editor

More Features

PDFelement for iOS is not only the best free iOS PDF scanner app, but also the most preferable PDF solution due to its multiple features. The page organization feature gives you chances to organize pages to suit your work. You can delete, reorder or rotate. The text editing feature lets you enhance information by changing, removing or moving texts. Additionally, you can change the text elements, including colour, size and font.

What’s more, the convert feature enables you to work with whichever format you desire. Therefore, you can convert PDF files to Word or other formats and revert if need arises.

How to Scan A Document to PDF on iOS 13

1. Download PDFelement for iOS Free

You need to have the scan PDF app on iOS 13 in your device for you to scan documents iOS 13. Therefore, access this free application on Apple Store, download it and install it. You will have to follow the onscreen instructions to open an account and thus fully have control over PDFelement for iOS in your iPhone or iPad.

2. Launch the PDFelement for iOS

When everything is complete, ensure that you open the PDFelement for iOS, so that you can scan a document to PDF with iPhone iOS 13. As soon as it is open, you will have access to its menu.

3. Take a Photo

If the documents you want are in paper form, you will have to take a photo for iOS 13 scan to PDF. Therefore, slide to the left to access the “+” icon, which is situated on the upper right. On clicking this icon, choose ”Camera” to take photos of the paper documents.

As you take these photos, the scanning process goes on and the paper documents become PDF files. These photos can be accessible from the album.

4. Edit the Page

As soon as you select the photos, you have the liberty to edit them. PDFelement for iOS has wonderful tools for editing, which can enable you to crop, add effects, delete or rotate the photos. Editing using the best scan to PDF app for iPhone and iPad iOS 13 goes on perfectly and according to your liking.

5. Save as PDF

When the editing process is complete, you need to save the new PDF filed by clicking on the “Save” icon, situated at the top of the right corner. The document is saved as PDF file, which you can rename to join other PDFs on your iPhone.

iOS and Desktop PDF Editor

PDFelement comes in two versions, the iOS PDF editor and the mac PDF editor. Considering the different strengths of these operating systems, the Mac version is stronger. However, the scanning happens in the both versions alongside text editing and PDF files conversion. As PDFelement for Mac effectively scans documents, it produces high quality PDF documents. This is just one of the ways to create PDFs. Therefore, it is the best choice if you would like to create PDF files from paper work.

pdf editing on mac

pdf editor mac

As an all-in-one PDF editor, PDFelement for Mac does numerous things. It can help you create PDFs from scratch and may help you more by providing you with multiple PDF templates. You can also create PDF files by combining many others to form a single document or file. This part may involve extraction of the relevant data.

The third way to create PDF files through PDFelement for Mac is through scanning paper documents. This application manages to digitize paperwork within a few minutes. In this process, it eliminates entering data manually in PDF templates, thus saves you time and resources.

Which Can Help You Better - iOS or Desktop PDF Editor

Product Features PDFelement for iOS
ios pdf editor
PDFelement for Mac
mac pdf editor
Edit PDF Files
Convert PDF Files
Annotations and Comments
Create PDF Files
Sign PDF Files
Add Watermarks, Backgrounds, Headers and Footers
Add Bookmarks
Access to Hundreds of PDF Templates
Added Page Labeling
Search and Replace
Adjustable Page Boxes
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