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Top 10 Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for macOS 10.15

When it comes to PDF editing and related functions the first thing that comes to mind is Adobe Acrobat Pro for Mac. But, that’s not the end of the story. You probably have come across an Adobe Acrobat alternative for macOS 10.15 Catalina out there, considering the high cost of Adobe Acrobat for most users that need it. Here are 10 Adobe Acrobat alternatives for PDF editing on macOS 10.15 Catalina including PDFelement for Mac we believe are worth checking out right away.

10 Best Adobe Acrobat Alternatives in 2019 for macOS 10.15

1. PDFelement for Mac

There’s a reason why PDFelement for Mac ranks the highest best Adobe Acrobat alternative in 2019 for macOS 10.15 Catalina than all other PDF editors out there. It’s way affordable than Acrobat, very intuitive and robust and the easiest to use in any fashion. It comes with top annotating and editing tools simple to use and fast to get a hang of. Creating and converting PDF files to other and from other formats is so easy and quick. PDFelement for Mac is compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina and all other Apple operating systems for Macs and mobile devices. Signing contracts, adding a digital signature, filling forms and creating forms are some of the simplest thing you can do with PDFelement for Mac.

10 Adobe Acrobat alternatives for PDF editing on macOS 10.15 Catalina

pdf editor mac


Affordable than Acrobat and other PDF editors: Acrobat might be the standard but it’s quite expensive. You must keep on paying monthly or annual fees just to keep using it and if you’ve a huge team then the cost can be exponential. PDFelement for Mac offers almost the same PDF editing tools if not much better at a most affordable cost.

Download Free: This best alternative to Adobe Acrobat for macOS 10.15 Catalina offers a free trial version in contrast with other similar tools out there. You’re allowed to download free and use PDFelement for Mac without paying anything and judge it for yourself before investing a little money for the entire version, once with no recurring monthly bills. After downloading the free PDFelement for Mac version and you find that you like it simply upgrade to the complete version to access more advanced tools and change the way you handle your PDF files forever.

Highly Secure: No one wants a tool that puts their documents in danger. PDFelement has been crafted with security in mind. It protects all PDF documents superbly by allowing you to add passwords, permissions, digital signatures among others, to keep unauthorized access and use of your PDF files away.

Price: Standard $69, Pro $89

Systems Supported: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

10 adobe acrobat alternatives for macOS 10.15 Catalina

2. PDF Nomad

Also an excellent Adobe Acrobat alternative for macOS 10.15 Catalina, PDF Nomad for Mac allows you to edit PDFs in your Mac device. It’s build for use by Mac systems running on OS X 10.7 and newer versions and includes diverse PDF manipulation ways in the easiest interface to use. It’s able to merge documents and export files as sound spoken documents.

ios pdf editor


  • Scan documents into the tool from a scanner
  • Resizing documents supported
  • Individual pages export
  • Page merging
  • Filling and creating PDF forms
  • Annotation and markup text features

Price: $40

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.8 and above, 64-bit Intel Processor

Learn more about PDF Nomad >>

3. PDF Expert

A free Adobe Acrobat Pro for macOS 10.15 alternatives as well, it comes with quality features such as useful editing tools and lots of other usable functions. It allows PDF file splitting, filling and creating PDF forms, among others. The tool also allows digital signature use.

ios pdf editor


  • Includes password file protection
  • Encryption of file features
  • File Redaction
  • Includes a trial version

Price: $60

System Requirements: iOS and virtually all macOS versions

Learn more about PDF Expert >>

4. Proview

A very easy to use Acrobat alternative, Proview includes diverse PDF management features. You can use it to merge separate PDF file pages with a new PDF file and create PDFs as you’d want.

ios pdf editor


  • Simple user interface to make the most of than Acrobat’s
  • Includes PDF editing features
  • Multiple pages labeling functions
  • Includes Art Boxes, Bleed and Trim features

Price: $40

System Requirements: Works with all macOS

Learn more about Proview >>

5. PDF Pen

PDF Pen is a quality PDF editing tool with a range of critical features at a very affordable cost. You can actually delete or add text or image portions easily.

ios pdf editor


  • Image and text portions deletion or addition
  • PDF pages combining features
  • Digital signatures input support

Price: Standard $75, Pro $125

System Support: macOS 10.10 and above

Learn more about PDF Pen >>

6. PDF Studio

PDF Studio is also an affordable Acrobat macOS Catalina alternative with quality PDF management features. It’s quite efficient and easy to use.

ios pdf editor


  • Half the cost of Adobe Acrobat
  • Edited PDFs retained in standardized outlay
  • Editing functionalities cost efficient
  • Includes diverse form filling and annotation functions
  • Converts files too
  • Google SharePoint integrated
  • File cloud support

Price: Free tool

System Requirements: Linux, Windows and macOSes

Learn more about PDF Studio >>

7. Foxit PDF Editor

It’s one of the best alternative to Acrobat for macOS 10.15. This Foxit editor reminds one of Microsoft Office applications and comes with good PDF editing features.

ios pdf editor


  • Integrated with Microsoft Office formats
  • Includes annotation tools
  • Project collaboration functionality
  • Cloud storages integrated
  • PDF editing tools include rotation, deletion, addition, merging, splitting among others

Price: $100

System Requirements: Linux, Windows and macOS

Learn more about Foxit PDF Editor >>

8. PDFLab

PDFLab gets you diverse functionalities, including PDF file merging and division. The tool also allows users to include blank pages or add images as need arise; definitely one of the simplest tools to use.

ios pdf editor


  • PDF file merging and division of files into diverse parts
  • Blank pages and image addition support
  • Easy to use UI
  • Password protection

Price: Free

System Support: macOS

Learn more about PDFLab >>

9. Infix PDF Editor

Definitely a top Acrobat alternative for Catalina macOS, it offers users diverse PDF file editing features at a very affordable arrangement. The user interface is neat and not complicated to use.

ios pdf editor


  • Text editing
  • Font size alteration
  • Image manipulation
  • Annotations easy to make
  • Simple to use interface

Price: $100 single payment or $10 per month

System Requirements: Linux, macOS and Windows

Learn more about Infix PDF Editor >>

10. DigiSigner

This is a macOS 10.15 Catalina Acrobat alternative offering lots of impressive PDF editing tools free. It’s also compatible with many platforms out there.

ios pdf editor


  • Key stores
  • Document opening by right clicking
  • Multiple PDF docs signing
  • X.509 digital signature cert
  • User interface easy to navigate
  • Native and web-based application

Price: Free to use

System Requirements: macOS 10.1 and above

Learn more about DigiSigner >>

Best Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for macOS 10.15 Catalina

Adobe Acrobat alternatives available for macOS Catalina are diverse. PDFelement for Mac stands out above the rest with its free trial allowing you to use it for a while and upgrade to one-of standard or pro version for more advanced PDF editing tools such as OCR (optical character recognition).

10 Adobe Acrobat alternatives for PDF editing on macOS 10.15 Catalina

10 Adobe Acrobat alternatives for PDF editing on macOS 10.15 Catalina

Standout PDFelement for Mac Features:

  • Diverse PDF editing tools: Easily edit watermarks, links, image, pages and text
  • Annotation functionalities: Comment, fill, stamp, highlight and draw on PDFs
  • Create and convert features: All you need to create PDFs fast, rapidly convert from all manner of formats, merge, and create forms and access template library for easier document creation
  • Protect PDFs: Includes all you need to keep your PDF documents safe using permissions, passwords and digital signatures
  • Share: collaborate easily with your entire team and share PDF files fast and easily
  • Printing: Includes advanced printing features
  • OCR: Includes Optical Character Recognition features to help you transform scanned PDF files into PDF documents you can edit the way you want
  • Compatible with latest macOS: Works perfectly with macOS 10.15 Catalina and Apple operating systems for Mobile and Macs
  • Supports different languages: Supports Chinese, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German among other languages and more introduced time to time
  • Digitization of paperwork: Easily transform your typical office papers into PDF digital paperwork that you can edit while creating PDFs, preparing and signing your documents in the best way possible
  • Free trial: Includes a free trial version you can use to experience the wonders of PDFelement for Mac, whether on your Mac, iOS, Windows or Android device and an upgrade option to access highly advanced features
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