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How to Fix Frozen App Store Issue on macOS 10.15

With the upgrade to macOS 10.15 Catalina it’s possible like a number of users to have problems with App Store. It’s of upmost importance to resolve Mac OS 10.15 AppStore hanging and crashing problem when you can. In fact, some of the error messages that come up related to the problem include “unexpected error occurred while signing in” among others that usually result in “cannot connect to App Store”. It’s also possible that you might have to resolve Mac OS 10.15 AppStore hanging and crashing problem. Whatever the problem is, it pays known what you can do about it considering some of the errors and glitches don’t really have a single bullet solution.

How to Fix Frozen App Store Issues on macOS 10.15

The result of various errors resulting in “cannot connect to App Store” isn’t a laughing matter. At times even downloading something from App Store could result in an error like “Your purchase couldn’t be completed, cancelled”, unexpected and rather annoying error. If you look at your account you will then find the “cannot connect to app store” error text again. The importance of App Store cannot be underestimated, since it’s where you’re able to get old and fresh applications for your Mac. Getting the App Store frozen when you least expect it means accessing the apps that you need won’t be possible. Sometimes the download will just stop or paused without any indication of continuing or the App Store simply displays an empty screen. Many reasons for this could be cited but to fix frozen App Store issues on macOS 10.15 Catalina is definitely possible.

How to Fix

1. Force Quit Window Process

One way you can try to unfreeze your App Store is by trying the force quit window process. This is where a frozen unresponsive App Store is force quitted to completely close it and then re-launched from the Dock or Launchpad.

Step 1: Ensure you’ve opened the App Store before attempting this process

Step 2: Select “Command + Option + Esc” keys and press them. Force Quit dialogue box will come up

Step 3: On the Force “Quit Applications” window that comes up pick “Apple Store” and then close it by pressing “Force Quit”

Step 4: whether App Store was unresponsive and frozen or not it will be closed

force quit window process

Re-launch the app again to see whether the problem was resolved.

2. Dock Force Quit Process

From the Dock you can also access force quit to deal with App Store unresponsiveness.

Step 1: On the Mac ensure Apple Store is already activated.

Step 2: On the keyboard select Option key and hold it down before right clicking on the icon for App Store in the Dock. Instantly, “Quit” will transform into “Force Quit”. Select Force Quit to close the App Store.

Step 3: App Store will be closed from your computer and can be reopened to see whether the unresponsiveness of App Store was resolved.

dock force quit process

3. Activity Monitor Process

If Force Quit through the mentioned methods doesn’t work your Mac’s Activity Monitor tool can help.

Step 1: On your computer open Activity Monitor

Step 2: Ensure you’re on “CPU” tab and CPU selections are visible

Step 3: On the CPU options find “App Store” and pick it. Towards the top is “X” icon. Click it. Immediately you’ll be prompted whether you want to end the process by quitting App Store. Click “Quit”.

activity monitor process

The process closes App Store from the Mac and re-launching it will establish whether the process helped you end App Store updates stuck in OS 10.15 issues and general app unresponsiveness.

4. Clear Cache Files

It’s possible that the mentioned methods haven’t worked yet. Deleting cache files for App Store could work. Clearing the files will see the app recreating new ones which could actually resolve the issue. Once you’ve launched Terminal and accessed the temporary folder on the Mac you’ll find cache files for the App Store as well. Simply look for “com.apple.appstore” folder from the dozens of other files and “Move to Trash” after selecting it.

clear cache files

The cache folder for the App Store would be deleted forthwith from your device. Go ahead and re-launch App Store to see whether the unresponsiveness is fixed or whether the process did tackle a hung App Store update in OS 10.15 Catalina.

5. Multiple IDs Problem

It’s also possible the issue is due to multiple Apple identifications being used, especially when you can’t purchase an app and the error “we couldn’t complete purchase: Unknown Error” comes up. Simply ensure both iTunes and App Store are opened and a single Apple ID used on both apps.

Log out of iTunes and App Store and quit them. Do login once more using one Apple ID for both. If the error message keeps returning even after this, iTunes Terms & Conditions are the problem. Note that with every macOS update, including Catalina, Apple expects the conditions to be accepted all over again. As such, ensure you’ve quit iTunes and App Store and accepted the new Terms & Condition. Then re-launch App Store (and iTunes if you’ve to). Rebooting might also be required if the dialog is to be accepted.

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