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How to Fix Google Chrome Problems on macOS 10.15

It’s possible that after installing macOS 10.15 Catalina you’ve come across the Google password required popup on macOS 10.15 mail and other Google accounts. If you click notifications you’ll find yourself in System Preferences where if you’ve no idea what’s happening you might end up messing up or stalling on your new macOS usage. To fix “Google password required” error on macOS 10.15 Catalina doesn’t really have to be a headache. There’re a number of things you can do to rectify the situation.

How to Fix “Google Password Required” Error on macOS 10.15

The ‘Google Password Required’ problem can be debilitating depending on whether you actually know what’s happening. The issue can arise on any Mac, including MacBook Pro running the latest Catalina 10.15. Older Macs running older macOS versions, older than 10.14 Mojave, don’t have this problem even after you’ve updated such tools like Safari, but those updating to the newest macOS.

Note also that every time Gmail via the Mail application in a Mac has an issue System Preferences’ Internet Accounts usually pops up requesting that you key in the password so that the Mail app and Gmail server can be reconnected. It’s also possible that Catalina macOS 10.15 keeps requesting for Google password, including a pop of the same password request while using YouTube, Google Play and other Google Services connected to a Mac.

Since there’s no single bullet answer to this problem a number of steps tried by different people facing the same issue has worked before. These include:

Removing and Re-adding Account

One way to prevent “Google password required” notification on macOS 10.15 or deal with it is removing account from every Mac you own and then add the accounts again. This way, you could be able to access all the Google accounts or one of them, including in any Mac running 10.15 Catalina.

Deleting Keychain Entries

Another method that has been tried is the deletion of Keychain entries for all Google related items. Go ahead and re-authenticate using a working account and you’ll get usable fresh Application Password keys.

Dealing with Content Blockers

Some have also dealt with the problem by going to Private Window and turning off content blockers. If you’re keen enough you’ll notice that the new method of authentication in Web Accounts makes the most of a Private Window in Safari akin to how you login into some accounts. Select the option provided there on content blockers and blocking/turning them off.

Safari 1Blocker Disabling

Another way that seems to work is the disabling in Safari of the 1Blocker. You can try it out if all other methods have failed by using Safari’s 1Blocker and try to disable it. Note that not everyone who has tried has been successful with this method.

Safari Cookies

Another way you can use to fix Google password required pop up problem on macOS 10.15 Catalina is clearing Safari cookies. In the process you’ll be needed to authenticate virtually everything again, which includes Google accounts you hold in the process ending the issue.

Cross-site Tracking Method

Another method you can try is in Safari by ensuring “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” has been turned off. Note that most of the other earlier mentioned methods work for many and only a handful actually try this method. Check it out and see if the problem will end.

Security Settings in Google

Another way you can fix the Google password required issue is going to the settings page in Google’s Security and removing “Mac OS” access to your Google accounts. It might work but there’s a catch. After authenticating as prompted Google will definitely detect the granting of access to macOS and connection to the account by macOS Catalina might be affected again.

Rebooting/Logging off

Obviously you’d expect that by rebooting your Mac the problem will end like many others that logging off fixes. However, while you could be successful, almost everyone who has tried it has failed to end the popup issue.

Authentication Works for Single Account at Times

For multiple accounts, note that authentication can work for only one Google account. The others might still face the problem. Across the board, authentication seems to work for a single account for many Mac users and not for second/third Google account.

In recent time Google had confirmed the technical problem was making diverse users not to access their Google accounts. However, by signing back in using the right password has been effective in fixing the issue.

For those concerned with the security of their Mac it’s important to log into all your Gmail accounts via another Mac, mobile device or computer and try the passwords to ensure they work perfectly. It’s also important to take up this time to change the Google password you’re using if you keep on having the popup problem. In ‘My Account’ in Google go directly to password settings and configure your Gmail account with a two-step authentication.

For those who’ve changed their Gmail passwords in recent times via browsers on the web but are yet to update the same in the Mail app in Mac the Google password required popup could come up in alert boxes. It means that those who have created passwords specific and unique to certain apps need to update their Mac Mail application as well with that unique password.

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fix “Google password required” error on macOS 10.15

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fix “Google password required” error on macOS 10.15

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