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To Fix Keys Not Working on macOS 10.15 Wired Keyboard

Without a doubt keyboards by Apple for Macs are some of the best globally and tested for perfect performance. However, you might find yourself having to find ways to troubleshoot wired keyboards that don’t respond on macOS 10.15 Catalina. You might plug in the keyboard that has worked before only for it to refuse. At times, the keys might refuse to do what they’ve always done leaving you very frustrated. While a broken keyboard isn’t a long shot, here are ways to fix a broken Mac keyboard on macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Troubleshoot Wired Keyboards that Don’t Respond on macOS 10.15

Once you realize your wired keyboard isn’t working normally as before, perhaps in the wired keyboard some keys not working on macOS 10.15, there’re a number of things that can be done.

The USB Port Might be Damaged

Unplug your USB keyboard and try another USB port. It’s possible the problem was just the port. In case the keys start working again return the wired keyboard to the earlier port. If it still doesn’t work on that earlier port chances are you could be having ports issues on your Mac and you might have to rest PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory) and SMC (System Management Controller).

Analyze Problem from System Report

Even if some keys stopped working on Apple wired keyboard on macOS 10.15 Catalina there’s still hope of turning the tide. On the Mac’s screen towards the top left side in Apple Menu select “About This Mac” and choose “System Report” tab. Immediately the system report should be shown in a dialogue box. Look for “USB” and click it within the section for “Hardware” towards the sidebar’s left side. Everything related to USB ports as read by your Mac computer will be visible for your perusal. In case your wired keyboard is already detected by the Mac it will be visible on the system report as Apple Keyboard clearly appearing on one of the different USB ports on the computer. Where the keyboard isn’t listed you should restart your Mac and attempt to reset SMC and PRAM.

See if Bluetooth is Active

At times when the Bluetooth is on wired keyboards might not work in Macs. On “System Preferences” find “Bluetooth” and simply turn it off. Check to see whether your keyboard is working as before and if the problem is sorted out. If the issue is solved remember that Macs have a way of recognizing wireless keyboards running on Bluetooth and acknowledge them first before a USB keyboard. Nonetheless, it’s possible you might require Bluetooth in your activities. Simply go to the Bluetooth section in System Preferences towards the right side and remove the wireless keyboard appearing on the list.

You Might Have to Turn off Slow Keys and Mouse Keys

There’s another way of fixing keys not working on your keyboard. In “System Preferences” find “Accessibility” and from it choose “Mouse & Trackpad” that comes up in the menu. Keep “Enable Mouse Keys” box unchecked. Go ahead on the left side again just above “Mouse & Trackpad” and select “Keyboard”. On the sidebar that comes up towards the left ensure the box for “Enable Slow Keys” remain unchecked.

Use Another Type of Provided Connection

Another way that has always worked is unconventional but effective. Each USB keyboard from Apple is shipped with a cord for USB extension. It helps to increase the USB cord reach. To rectify a keyboard problem simply plug the keyboard into a particular end of the cord and the other in your Mac. Those who don’t have the cord can try USB hub that works equally well. The problem should be corrected.

When You Know You’ve Failed to Find a Solution

Even with all these methods you might end up not finding the solution that you need. Contact an Apple Store staff if your Mac is still under a warranty or comb the web for other solutions people might have found for themselves. Perhaps it’s also time to start considering another type of keyboard that works immaculately fine just like the Mac keyboard you’re used to.

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