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How to Fix macOS 10.15 Keeps Logging You Out Issue

It’s not easy to get to know your macOS 10.15 Catalina when you keep on encountering log out issues. MacBook Pro OSX 10.15 keeps logging me out just like in 10.15 Catalina as reported by users and as much as it’s not a problem to wish away there’s something that can be done about it. The key is finding what works for you and understanding why this happens in the first place.

How to Fix macOS 10.15 Keeps Logging You Out Issue

Nothing is unsettling like finding a running application on your Mac shutting out on its own and the account simply logging out in a jiffy. The session in itself is stopped immediately and lots of loses experienced, such as losing control and suffering the unexpected log out.

It means suffering the distressing actions of work sessions being terminated prematurely and abruptly only to open up newer sessions where logging in again is a must. Then the process repeats all over again making it untenable requiring that I do my best to find a solution to the reason why my MacOS 10.15 Catalina keeps logging me out.

For some people trying expected trouble shooting methods is the first thing they attempt, such as NVRAM resets, removal of preference files or safe mode boot ups, among others. Even so, I have in some instances left confused and wondering why does my Mac keep logging me out on macOS 10.15 Catalina like everyone else.

Note that in most cases, the problem is related to auto log outs, a critical part of 10.15 Catalina that ensures you’ve the ability to set your Mac to automatically log out due to inactivity or after a period of time. It’s an important feature since it keeps the device secure but highly unsettling when it happens unexpectedly. In fact not everyone is aware that 10.15 Catalina upgrades could activate the log out automatic functionality. You might be left wondering like most of us why my Mac keeps logging me out in macOS 10.15 lots of times in one day.

Fixing MacBook Pro OSX 10.15 Keeps Logging Me out Issue

It’s actually not hard to deal with the “macOS 10.15 Catalina keeps logging me out” problem. All you need might be adjusting, in the settings, the automatic log outs.

Step 1: Go to System Preferences and choose “Security and Privacy”

Step 2: Find Advanced tab at the bottom of the page and click it to open up a menu

Step 3: From the menu you’ll find two options where one allows you to “Log out after (n) minutes of inactivity” and the other actually will “require an admin password to access system-wide preferences”

Select the first option to change “Log out after (n) minutes of inactivity” and effectively deal with the log out issue in macOS 10.15 Catalina. These steps should deal with the problem and if the problem still persists it’s clear that the problem lies elsewhere. In most cases it’s the system manifesting a corrupted extension or file.

Clear Caches

Do ahead and ensure all caches are cleared and all redundant files removed, which might be harboring a corrupted file. System-wide general maintenance will definitely help end the system corruption of files.

Installed Corrupted Add-ons

Have you lately added drivers, fonts among other applications? They could be the problem. Do uninstall them and see if the problem ends when they’re no longer there.

Reinstall macOS 10.15 Catalina

Of course, if all these do not end the problem reinstalling the operating system update can still help. Do go ahead and reinstall the macOS again and see whether the issue still persists.

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OSX 10.15 keeps logging me out

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OSX 10.15 keeps logging me out

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Published: Sep 13,2016 18:20 pm / Updated: Nov 15,2016 17:54 pm
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