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How to Fix macos 10.15 Upgrade Failed Issue

Upgrading to macOS 10.15 Catalina shouldn’t be a complicated jigsaw but a very simple and smooth process. Once your Mac’s Notification Center has indicated that Catalina 10.15 is available, all you need is either install it if the Mac has already downloaded it or go ahead and find the upgrade if your device is not set for automatic downloads. However, macOS 10.15 upgrade fails with an error problem has been reported. It can be disappointing having to find ways to fix macOS 10.15 update & installation stuck or fail problem. There’s definitely something you can do about it.

Never Upgrade or Install a New macOS before Backing up Data.

Prior to getting down to fix macOS 10.15 update failure/stuck/installation error you might want to back up your Mac data first.

Use Time Machine: Ensure you’ve an external hard drive connected and open Time Machine and select the external drive as your backup. Once you select the data that needs backing up the process should begin once you click “backup Now”.

time machine backup

Back up in the cloud: Go to Apple menu and choose System Preferences and select iCloud. Do put in your personal Apple ID and backup Notes, Photos among others content you need connected with iCloud.

time machine backup

Just copy the data: Another quick and simple backup process is just to find an external hard drive and copy the data you want to backup and access it later as you deem fit.

How to Fix macOS 10.15 update Failed to Complete (Stuck)

Once you realize you’re right on the macOS 10.15 update fail to complete problem, a number of things can help.

1. Shut Down and Restart

Go ahead and shut the Mac down and give it a few seconds before restarting. Do this by holding the power button down and pressing before switching on once more.

2. System Preferences

For those using older macOSes and not macOS 10.15 Catalina that you might be trying to upgrade, go to Updates in the Apple Store and the installation/updating process will continue from where it stopped.

3. Ensure Installation is Ongoing

Another way of dealing with macOS 10.15 could not be installed issue is checking your Log screen to find out if installation of files is ongoing. If you can see the progress bar, go ahead and hold Command+ L keys once more and view the Log screen to ensure installation is commencing. If you realize the installation isn’t happening don’t stop there.

Go to the Apple website and look for Combo update, which will have all the files you need to ensure your macOS 10.15 Catalina is well updated. Note that Combo update is different from App Store’s Software Update because it has more files and enhancements; App Store only has merely necessary Mac update files and not much. Combo update ensures system files in their entirety are replaced and the update will be done fast.

Note that the following process can also help you install any stuck macOS upgrade:

  • Installation in Safe Mode where you can also delete folders and files that could have made the upgrade impossible and to stall
  • Resetting NVRAM (holding Command+ Option/Alt+ P+ R keys), waiting for Mac to restart and giving it time to begin updating itself
  • Reinstall in Recovery Mode by pressing Command + R and pressing the keys at startup and selecting the option to “Install New OS”
  • Use external drive to install the new macOS

How to Fix Installation of macOS 10.15 Update Failed

If you’re still on a macOS 10.15 install fail loop and restarting the Mac still shows you’re still not out of the woods yet do the following:

installation failed

Boot Mac in Safe Mode

Hold Shift key down as you start the Mac for a Safe Mode boot up. Once your Mac is in Safe Mode the problem shouldn’t be hard to deal with as much as your Mac might still display some glitches.

In Safe Mode look for App Store and look for the upgrade you want (Catalina in this case) or simply go to Software Update in your Mac’s System Preferences where the macOS should be found.

Do click and start the download as the Catalina installer carries out the download in the Mac’s background. Once the download is complete go ahead and install it normally.

If you still can’t upgrade or install the macOS do check your Mac please and whether it’s too old and incompatible with the new 10.15 Catalina upgrade.

Best PDF Editor for macOS 10.15 Catalina

Once you’ve upgraded to macOS 10.15 Catalina and dealt with the problem do install PDFelement for Mac to professionalize and manage all your PDF documents perfectly. PDFelement is so affordable than most PDF editors out there and the perfect most recommended Adobe Acrobat alternative in the industry.

fix macOS 10.15 update & installation stuck or fail problem

It’s intuitive, robust and easy to use. Apart from just allowing you to convert PDFs and create PD files from all manner of formats and accessing top PDF editing tools, it helps you accomplish so much, including:

  • Editing PDF’s watermarks, links, text, pages and images
  • Accessing annotating tools to fill, comment, stamp, draw and highlight
  • Form creation, merging, extracting and fast conversion of PDFs
  • OCR (optical character recognition) feature to change mere scanned PDF files into editable PDF documents
  • Protecting your PDF documents with permissions, passwords and digital signatures
  • Ability to share PDFs with your team
  • Top-notch advanced printing
  • Very helpful Template library
  • fix macOS 10.15 update & installation stuck or fail problem

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