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How to Fix Permissions on External Drive on macOS 10.15

It’s not hard to understand that macOS disk permissions are critical in ensuring that files remain as secure as possible. They ensure other users or programs who might want to access the system files on your Mac are unable to avoid unwanted modifications and corruptions. As such, they’d need permission for that to happen.

However, it’s possible to find yourself in need of how to repair disk permissions on macOS 10.15, which could result from problems emanating from the process of uninstalling and installing applications on your Mac system. To effectively repair permissions in macOS 10.15 and disk problems Disk Utility can help. Forced app closes or quits, forced restarts to power outages could also affect your drive. This is how you can use disk utility to repair hard drive and disk permissions on macOS 10.15 Catalina.

How to Fix Permissions on External Drive on macOS 10.15

So, if you’re asking yourself how do I repair permissions on macOS 10.15 Catalina where do you start? Firstly, with macOS El Capitan and later versions you no longer have to repair permissions, including Mojave and Catalina. One of the reasons is that newer macOS now include the SIP (System Integrity Performance) feature created by Apple with the ability to repair files automatically, not only during system changes, but also while updating software.

SIP effectively ensures the root account has been restricted thus no modification and changes on protected processes and locations like the System. In the process, malware cannot access permissions and corrupt system files on your Mac. All macOS before El Capitan are easy to repair disk permissions with Dish Utility while on macOS 10.15 it’s not possible.

When it comes to fix permissions on an iMac external hard drive on macOS 10.15 the process of repairing the drive shouldn’t be hard.

Step 1: ensure the computer has been restarted and instantly hold and press Command + R keys. “Utility Menu” should come up

Step 2: Choose “Disk Utility” while pressing “Continue” tab

Step 3: On the side list choose Macintosh HD volume entry and select “First Aid” button appearing on the toolbar. “Done” tab will come up. Press it and leave “Disk Utility”.

Step 4: Go to the Apple menu and choose “Restart”.

So what should you expect once you use Disk Utility to repair hard drive and disk permissions on macOS 10.15 Catalina?

  • Firstly, First Aid will report on the condition of the drive. If it’s repaired this will be indicated and you’ve done it successfully.
  • Where an error entitled “overlapped extent allocation” comes up in First Aid, a folder for Damaged Files will be created by Disk Utility at the start up drive’s root level. Note that the error means file(s) on the same place inside the drive in question are corrupted with some possibility of recovering some of them.
  • To view the damaged files go to the folder created by Disk Utility (DamagedFiles). It’s highly recommended that if the file is no longer needed that you delete it. Also delete if you can recreate the file without a problem. In case the file is important and you must have it, simply go to the backup you’ve created and find a copy you can use.
  • Where the report in First Aid is “underlying task reported failure” it shows the repair couldn’t be done and First Aid wasn’t successful. Not a worry however since the repair can be attempted a few more times.
  • At times the expected repair might not be successful. Simply look for your backup and once you ensure its okay, reformat the entire drive and reinstall macOS 10.15 Catalina. Then use Migration Assistant to have the backed up data restored.

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