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Top 10 PDF Apps for macOS 10.15 Catalina

PDFs always allow you to package your documents better, share easily with your team and generally alter PDF files the way you want. However, which is the best PDF software for macOS 10.15 to help you do this? Here are 10 best PDF app for macOS 10.15 to manage your PDFs the best way possible.

best pdf editor for macos 10.15 catalina

10 Best PDF Editor for macOS 10.15 Reviews

1. PDFelement for Mac

Definitely the best PDF app for macOS 10.15 out there, PDFelement for Mac allow Mac users to do so much with their PDFs on Mac. It comes with tools to help you create, edit, convert and view PDF files while manipulating pages and securing your documents with superb functionalities. You can actually fill out forms in PDF and change text, annotate and edit even watermarks and links. Sharing files with PDFelement for Mac is as easy as chatting on social media while page merging and splitting is supported.

best pdf editor for macos 10.15

free PDF app

You can also transform scanned PDFs into editable text and get so much out of your critical documents through the optical character recognition (OCR) functionality. Free to download, PDFelement for Mac also includes an easy way to add backgrounds, headers and footers as well watermarks. Users also get to access hundreds of top PDF templates they can use for diverse professional undertaking.


  • Easy extraction of pages and insertion of pictures with a single click on your PDFs
  • Setting password protection for your PDF files is simple and efficient
  • OCR advanced technology
  • Interface highly user-friendly
  • Compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina among others macOSs

System support: From macOS x 10.10 to macOS 10.15 Catalina and all others in-between

2. LightPDF

This is also a useful macOS 10.15 PDF editor that any one can use on their Mac devices, including those who’ve downloaded and upgraded to macOS 10.15 Catalina. The app in itself supports a number of formats, from PPT, Word, Excel, and PNG to PDF, among others. You also don’t need to download the PDF app since you can access it on the web via any browser and convert your documents fast.

free PDF app

It makes the conversion of files a simple undertaking without the need to worry about security compromises. LightPDF also allows user to upload all the files they want since there’re no limits whatsoever. Arguably one of the best macOS 10.15 apps and free PDF converter, it also includes optical character recognition (OCR) function that makes it easy for users to transform scanned PDF files and images into editable RTF, Excel and Word formats, among others.


  • Extraction of text from PDF and images supported, including converting the extractions to any of the supported formats
  • The PDF app is simple to use and comprehend
  • Permission will be required before watermarks are added
  • Usable on a browser, you might not need any program installation on your Mac to use it


  • Incapable of processing multiple files in a single instance
  • Includes less features that you’d expect in the best PDF apps

System support: Supports most macOS releases, including 10.15 Catalina

Learn more about LightPDF >>

3. Adobe Acrobat Pro Document Cloud (DC)

Obviously if you’ve been around longer you understand what Adobe Acrobat stands for and why it’s important. Pro DC is unique software that arrives compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina and a unique online service allowing users to efficiently edit, print, view, manage and create PDF documents. DC (document cloud) in this case refers to the fact that users are able to easily upload PDF files in the cloud as they want, which they can as well as access on mobile to desktop devices. Even better, the cloud integration in Adobe Acrobat Pro is enhanced by e-signature and Dropbox integration. It’s free to download though access to its great functions might require subscription.

free PDF app


  • Top quality output ensuring document remain virtually the same
  • PDF sharing is well enhanced by compact functionality that reduces PDF file sizes
  • Archiving and storing PDF documents is much easier with Pro DC
  • Form filling supported


  • Unlike top PDF apps Pro DC doesn’t allow you to edit your PDF documents
  • To use it documents must be in PDF format first meaning you must convert them initially

System support: Supports macOS X 10.10 and up, including macOS 10.15 Catalina

Learn more about Adobe Acrobat Pro >>

4. PDFzorro

Some of the widely available free PDF software available for Mac users might not come with lots of advanced features, but highly useful. PDFzorro is such a tool, one of best applications for macOS 10.15 yet simple in its design. The PDF app allows users to largely edit their PDF documents on the web. Among what you can do with it is to highlight in your PDF, erase or add shapes and lines or even a signature, among others. You can also use the simple PDF app to rotate PDF pages, move them around or delete, among other tools. The program also guarantees that files once uploaded remain safe and very secure; once you’re through with the process of editing, simply go ahead and delete the uploaded documents from the server right away.

free PDF app


  • Simple to use and straightforward thus superb for beginners also
  • Link file uploading is supported
  • The tool actually allows you to save any change you made during the editing process
  • Includes sufficient features for proper and efficient PDF file management


  • The program cannot be downloaded for offline use
  • While simple to use the interface isn’t as tidy as you’d expect

System support: Works with macOS, including macOS 10.15 Catalina

Learn more about PDFzorro >>

5. PDFpen

Also quite an easy PDF app, it allows the user to share PDF documents, edit them and even create. Also a top best OSX apps tool supporting macOS 10.15 Catalina as well, the program also makes it easy for users to add texts and drawings on their PDF documents. Other functionalities supported by PDFpen include allowing its users to embed, fill and design forms on current files.

free PDF app

You can also add a digital signature and access diverse document techniques and features for image export into diverse document formats. The program also includes recent inclusions where annotations are supported allowing PDF document marking and even sharing PDFs without altering anything. Among other notable features adding comments is quite easy while advanced Table of Contents are available plus diverse image format versions.


  • Essentially allow users to add annotations, images, texts and much more on the document page
  • Export of documents and images into diverse formats
  • Includes optical character recognition (OCR) function


  • Not exactly the easiest to use
  • Icons and tool options aren’t sufficiently transparent

System support: From macOS X

Learn more about PDFpen >>

6. Soda PDF

This was developed around 2010 and offers a practical and flexible PDF app you can use in macOS 10.15 Catalina. It makes it easy to convert, share, create, edit and read PDF documents. Among its most notable features is the ability to offer users functional tweaking of the size of PDF files and changing to what one wants and saving the ideal size. The program is also an eBook reader and also allows comic lovers to enjoy their content in CBZ or CBR. Integration with the cloud guarantees Soda PDF users a usable access to their PDF documents from wherever they might be and from all manner of devices. It comes with 3D functionalities allowing anyone to go through their PDF documents superbly well as if flipping through hard copies. Program also comes with ability to make reviews on PDF files, including adding markup texts and notes.

free PDF app


  • Supports well-adjusted readability
  • Includes ability to reduce bit sizes to desirable sizes
  • Rather easier and comfortable to use


  • Pricing model can be rather disadvantageous

System support: macOS X

Learn more about Soda PDF >>

7. PDF2Go

Mac users also have PDF2Go to select from while looking for that penultimate PDF management tool. It’s an editing program and a web accessible app with lots of features you’ll find useful in handling PDFs. It includes the ability to add circles, images, arrows, texts to comments and much more. More options are also provided, where annotation and adding dashed lines for instance are functionalities you might find useful. Of course, adding watermark is something important in PDF use and PDF2Go allows you to easily include a watermark on your PDF document with a couple of simple clicks. Definitely a usable tool and one of the best macOS 10.15 Catalina apps you’ll find useful in the editing and manipulation of PDFs.

free PDF app


  • You don’t need to install or download the tool on your Mac to use it
  • Being we-based you can use it anywhere you might be and anytime on any device


  • The web-based free tool isn’t so user-friendly, considering uploading lots of large files can be very cumbersome if successful at all
  • You also have to grapple with the interruption of ads on the tool

System support: Being web-based works with all operating systems

Learn more about PDF2Go >>

8. Preview

Preview has always been a critical app for Mac users offering users the privilege to view PDFs. In macOS 10.15 Catalina Preview is even stronger. The free app includes sharing, printing and viewing PDF documents and images features. It’s also able to run Adobe Illustrator documents (AI), PDFs, GIF, JPEG, BMT and PPT among other different formats. The program also includes a file encrypting and restricting functionality where a file can be saved and encrypted with a password; for it to be printed, copied or accessed a password would be required.

free PDF app

Preview has becomes one of the best apps in macOS 10.15 Catalina since a new feature has been added. You can now sign your PDF documents among other documents through the leveraging of iPads or iPhones running the iPadOS or iOS 13. You no longer need to use Trackpad to sign or scan paper documents. Simply connect iPad or iPhone and use Apple Pencil or finger to sign.


  • GIFs lost can be looped with lots of simplicity
  • Playback lost can also be previewed
  • Newer upgrades supporting easier PDF signing and viewing


  • PDFs can be deleted without warning
  • Lack of editing feature for encrypted PDF files
  • ISO-standardized PDF unsupported

System support: macOS X 10.5 and up including macOS 10.15 Catalina

Learn more about Preview >>

9. SmallPDF

When it comes to PDF editing, SmallPDF comes in handy in diverse ways. The program is able to edit PDF documents by allowing you to easily draw certain figures and shapes in your PDF, add images and text among others. It’s not a complicated tool yet effective. In fact, the PDF tool is simple to run and use on most common browsers from Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer to Safari.

free PDF app


  • Simply use the supported cloud storage to upload files
  • Comes with diverse practical and usable PDF features


  • It’s not complicated and unable to carryout lots of advanced functions if any
  • Only usable online
  • Upload curtailed-you can upload two files every hour

System support: Web based thus usable on all macOS in browsers

Learn more about SmallPDF >>

10. Foxit Reader

Available for Mac users, Foxit Reader supports different sets of international languages. You can use it to sign, edit, view or create PDF documents. It’s also superb at adding both comments and notes to PDF files. Users are accorded a technological functionality in ConnectedPDF allowing them to reject and share PDF files if they desire to, monitor the viewership of the files and ascertain if there’s any manipulation of the PDFs while requesting for certain documents and reviews.

free PDF app


  • Blind users are supported with JAWS (Job Access With Speech) functionality
  • A good choice for presentation purposes
  • Doesn’t support large files


  • It might come already integrated with programs you don’t need

System support: Supports macOS X 10.8 and up

Learn more about Foxit Reader >>

Best PDF Editing Software for macOS 10.15 - PDFelement for Mac

Obviously there’re so many PDF apps you can use to get the job done, but they’re not all equal. After elaborate tests and reviews PDFelement for Mac has always been considered highly above its peers. The fact that it comes with lots of features even for the standard free version has been a plus for its users who get more PDF editing tools for less. It’s highly robust, affordable if you seek more features available in the advanced version and fast.

top 10 free apps for macOS 10.15 Catalina

PDFelement for Mac Beneficial Features:

  • Ease of signing and securing PDF documents
  • Comment and annotation features
  • PDF creation and editing
  • Ability to add headers and footers, watermarks and backgrounds
  • Easy access to lots of PDF templates with a typical download
  • PDF file conversion supported
  • Includes highly advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina and works with all Mac devices
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