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macOS 10.15 vs macos 10.14 Comparison Review

It’s almost assured to expect a major release by Apple every year and this year is no different. Last year it was the macOS 10.14 Mojave. This year, the expectation is that macOS 10.15 will be released around September 2019 and perhaps a Beta version for the public by June-August. Even so, macOS 10.14 Mojave is also a new release, only months old with lots of new features and novel upgrades to the earlier version, including updates such as macOS Mojave 10.14.2 released publicly in early December 2018.

When you contemplate 10.15 vs 10.14, a number of clear differences are expected between the two. In most cases though, 10.14 vs 10.15 distinctions might not be as many as people might expect considering the freshness of Mojave and its groundbreaking features. To help understand the two operating systems better, here’s a mac OS 10.15 vs 10.14 comparison to ascertain how they differ or compare.

macOS 10.14 vs macOS 10.15

Release Dates

macOS 10.14 Mojave and mac OS 10.15 differences in release might not be major. Mojave was unveiled in June 2018 at the World Developers Conference while a beta version of 10.15 is expected in the same conference in June 2019. Both would have been released around the same period if macOS 10.15 would be released publicly in September 2019 like Mojave, which was released around September 2018.

Marzipan Apps Differences

One of the differences that come up in mac OS 10.15 vs mac OS 10.14 is on Apple media applications. In macOS 10.14, TV, Podcasts, Apple Music and Apple Books apps aren’t standalone, which is expected to change in mac OS 10.15. These apps will now be standalone and redesigned with some new icons for TV and Podcasts apps. TV, Podcasts and Music apps will be created using Apple’s new tech, Marzipan, allowing for app porting between iPad and Mac. Even with these media apps iTunes app as it’s in 10.14 Mojave is still expected to be around considering manual syncing of devices is still something Apple hasn’t been able to figure out.

External Display for the iPad

macOS 10.15 is expected to include some groundbreaking developments such as the ability to send Apple apps to displays outside the device. All mac OS 10.15 reviews indicate that the external display Sidecar feature will be an Apple internal program accessible through an easy to use menu. By hovering on an app in Mac and maximizing the green button for less than a second the menu will be opened and provide different options such as external display like an iPad, tiling and opening window in fullscreen. If you choose any of the options the window you’re currently on will be moved in fullscreen to the iPad or other external display.

In macOS 10.14 Mojave, this feature doesn’t exist and external display from Mac to iPad isn’t there. In fact, in mac OS 10.15, those with Apple Pencil for their iPad will be drawing on their iPad while it’s acting as the Mac’s external display and the results will appear on the Mac.

Siri Shortcuts

Almost every mac 10.15 review indicates the new OS has been in development for over two years and will be supporting Siri Shortcuts, an introduction unveiled in iOS 12. The new feature allows for the creation of tailor-made voice shortcuts for in-app actions. In 10.14 Mojave, Siri also came with a few changes, including Homekit devices control right from a Mac.

New Apps

One of the most expected development with any update is new apps. In 10.14 Mojave, macOS introduced new apps. These include Voice Memos, Stocks, Apple News and Home apps with others being redesigned, such as the Mac App Store. On the other hand, 10.15 review indicate that new apps will also be introduced, which include Books app upgrade to include features that encourage readers with rewards and tracking features for easier use. Reminders app will also be introduced. Others include the already mentioned Marzipan developed tools as standalone apps of Books, TV, Podcasts and Music.

Unsupported Apps

Even with warning of 32-bit applications end of support by Apple, macOS 10.14 Mojave still supports them. However, with the introduction of macOS 10.15, 32-bit apps will not be supported and will be phased out. Older apps still un-updated will thence be inoperable. A good example is Aperture, a photo editing tool by Apple that’s discontinued and won’t be available in macOS 10.15 but still operable in Mojave.

Find My iPhone Debut

In macOS 10.14 Mojave, new improvements included Find My iPhone that would help locate devices. MacOS 10.15 adds into this and expected to unveil a new app that brings together Find My Phone and Find My Friends into a single app. Features expected in the new app include ‘find network’ abilities capable of tracking Apple devices even when both cellphone and WiFi networks are unavailable through the use of devices around it. Lost Mode features already in Find My iPhone will be included as well as remote device wipe option.

Screen time and iMessage Effects

Mac users running MacOS 10.14 Mojave have not had the chance to use Screen Time or iMessage Effects since they were only available for iOS devices only. However, with the new macOS 10.15 this is about to change. Screen Time will allow users to comprehend the time they’ve spent on their Macs, internet and apps and how time is being spent. Features to allow management of time being spent in various apps will be added, including parental control. With the introduction of Screen Effects in macOS 10.15 Mac users will be able to include full screen effects in Message app such as confetti, Echo, Stickers, Balloons among others.

Authentication Enhancements

Currently in macOS 10.14, those using Apple Watches are able to use it to unlock various Macs instead of passwords. With the introduction of macOS 10.15 there’s the possibility of the same feature being advanced further to authenticate additional operations in Mac devices, such as the use of the watch to authenticate payments.

While the true macOS 10.15 picture isn’t very clear due to the ability of Apple to keep expected changes and improvements to themselves, the little that’s known about the latest OS update shows the enhancements will definitely be worth it while maintaining the already introduced changes in 10.14 Mojave.

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mac OS 10.15 vs 10.14 comparison

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