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Top 15 Problems for macOS 10.15 & How to Fix Them

With the release of macOS 10.15 you can expect a number of issues that you might not even know where to begin. Even so, you can definitely handle mac OS 10.15 known issues without the need to search all over the internet for updates or released Apple solutions you might have missed. With new operating system lots of cool changes, new applications and helpful features always result. With the new changes and enhancements you cannot miss mac OS 10.15 problems. The problems could be so intense that you might not be able to work effectively as you should from your Mac device. To help you enjoy macOS 10.15 and its new useful features here are problems and solutions you might want to know to prepare and inform yourself accordingly.

Common Problems and Fixes of mac OS 10.15

Here are number of useful ways to deal with common macOS 10.15 issues to help you get the most out of the new Apple OS.

1. MacOS 10.15 won’t Download

A problem new operating systems face, including macOS 10.15 is the inability to download due to overload of the system as millions try to download or more personal like low storage space on your Mac. Do confirm first you’ve enough storage space. If you confirm you’ve enough and this exact issue of the 10.15 problems still persists give it a short time and try again later when not so many people are downloading.

2. Stuck Installation

If you keep getting stuck while installing macOS 10.15, do check your Mac. The same also happens with updates where Mac 10.15 update stuck issues are common due to the fact that Apple requires new operating systems from Mojave to macOS 10.15 to be run from newer Mac devices. For instance, MacBook users can only run 10.15 if they’ve early 2015 models or higher. macOS 10.15 actually cannot be run on a Mac device made in early 2012 and below.

3. Inability to Install in External Drives

You could be facing mac OS 10.15 install problems trying to launch it in an external drive. You can correct this error Mac problem by connecting SSD through Thunderbolt port 3 or use Thunderbolt three-to-two adaptor in case you’ve external drive with 1 or 2 Thunderbolt port. You can also first do a complete macOS 10.14 Mojave install and then move up to 10.15.

4. Syncing iCloud Issues

You might notice problems with remote access to screen sharing and file access remotely in Back to my Mac mostly, chief of which is improper iCloud syncing. Fix these mac problems by simply signing out from your iCloud account and signing in once more. If problem persists, go to iCloud account, find ‘Clouds Docs’ folder and delete it. iCloud files will be re-downloaded and connection reestablished ending the problem.

5. Problems with Bluetooth

It’s possible to face Bluetooth issues on the new macOS 10.15 or even refuse to be switched off. Easily deal with these 10.15 issues by deleting Bluetooth plist file that recreates immediately once Bluetooth is re-launched. Do ensure all files are safely copied elsewhere, just in case. On your Mac go to Folder and select Preferences and look for apple.Bluetooth.plist file and ensure it’s deleted before restarting your device.

6. MacOS 10.15 Login Crashes

It’s easy to come across this 10.15 problem. Lots of mac OS 10.15 troubleshooting is required as Apple inbuilt apps and operating system collide all the time. Deal with the issue by removing Login items you don’t need with a tool such as Clean My Mac. Also remove plist files found in “Preferences” containing specific user settings for diverse macOS parts and reset them in Safe Mode.

7. Slow running Mac after Updating with macOS 10.15

Once you’ve successfully downloaded macOS 10.15 you might notice that your device is actually running slow or much worse. It might not be related to macOS 10.15 only. For instance, if your Mac slows while using a particular app, the problem is associated with that app. Deal with the problem by cleaning your Mac, using latest app versions, manage activity monitor or remove app and system junk cache.

8. Apps Quitted Appearing in Dock

With macOS 10.15 you might notice the last three or more apps you just quitted appearing in Dock. This is hardly a bug issue but related to the feature. Reverse it easily by going to the System Preferences, selecting Dock and un-ticking the part for “Show recent apps in Dock”. Dock is customizable and you can decide what goes there.

9. Problem with Third Party Apps on 10.15

If you find a third part application isn’t working with your macOS 10.15-updated Mac the reason would largely be due to the 32bit/62-bit matter. High Sierra macOS became the last Apple OS supporting 32-bit apps. So if third party apps aren’t working with macOS 10.15 they’ve not been updated to work with 64-bit framework. Find other apps or downgrade to the old High Sierra OS to use the un-updated app.

10. Problems with Time Machine in macOS 10.15

One of the problems with updating macOS 10.15 could be inability to use Time Machine to backup successfully. If you face this problem you might have to wait for newer updates or find alternative backup solution to avoid losing critical data and files. External drives can work fine or iCloud, among others.

11. macOS 10.15 Issues with Battery

Its possible installation of macOS 10.15 has led to a low battery life on your Mac. Rectify this by finding what’s actually draining your battery. On ‘Finder’ select ‘Applications’ and ‘Utilities’ and go to ‘Activity Monitor’ and choose ‘Energy’. On Energy see how the battery is being used and perhaps uninstall a number of tools if you’ve to.

12. Problematic WiFi with macOS 10.15 Installation

At times connecting to WiFi/Ethernet and the internet in general might be problematic. If you cannot do so, start the device in Safe Mode to check the problem. If you find WiFi or other internet connection is okay in Safe Mode on macOS 10.15, a particular application or installed extensions might be the culprit. Simply update all apps, use newest versions to deal with compatibility problems.

13. Thumbnails for Files not Displaying

For a number of macOS 10.15 installers thumbnail previews might not be displayed for PDFs, images or certain files. Do restart the device in Safe Mode and delete cache files, shut down and do a normal restart. The problem should be rectified.

14. Apple News Problems on macOS 10.15

At times macOS 10.15 installers might be unable to get access to Apple News where hundreds of magazines can be read. Problem could include immediate crashes at Apple News startup. If this macOS 10.15 issue persists, simply restart your Mac and the problem will be rectified.

15. Find not Showing File Changes in macOS 10.15

In this macOS 10.15 issue, the Finder might not display file changes after deleting or moving them, among other changes. To rectify this problem, including others such as crashing Finder after macOS 10.15 installation, go to ‘Terminal’ and paste “~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.finder.plist” as it is and click ‘Enter’. In Finder, a file will be highlighted. Delete the file and restart your device.

Best PDF Editor for macOS 10.15 in 2019

Arguably the latest Apple OS to reflect what many have always wanted to see in an operating system, macOS 10.15 is compatible with lots of productivity apps and capable of helping you accomplish more than you can imagine in your industry. One of the most critical productivity apps compatible with macOS 10.15 and highly efficient in any industry is PDFelement for Mac. It’s an all-in-one PDF editor that is not only compatible with Apple’s newest OS but all the older Apple operating systems.

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PDFelement for Mac makes the manipulation of PDF documents so easy. You can create PDFs, edit them, change text in PDFs, change pages, view PDF documents among a host of other features. Filling out PDF forms and creating them is also covered by PDFelement for Mac. You can also put personal stamp on PDFs with ease and share professional PDF files and documents with your team fast and easily. PDF pages can also be easily split and merged through PDFelement for Mac. With OCR tech you can actually transform your paper documents into usable PDF documents to avoid clutter and loss of important documents in your line of work anywhere you might be.

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In a nutshell, PDFelement for Mac guarantees that you’ll be able to:

  • Open your PDFs fast and easily
  • View all types of PDFs without a problem
  • Merge, split and merge PDF pages
  • Extract and insert PDF pages with a quick click
  • Save PDF files and fill PDF docs online
  • Quickly set up hard-to-crack passwords to protect your PDF files
  • Make use of the best OCR technology in the industry to change all non-fillable forms you might have in other types of formats into PDF documents that you can edit and fill as you want
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