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How to Send and Receive Text Messages on macOS 10.15

It is possible to communicate with your friends if your iPhone is away or if they do not use iPhones. Apple is enabling you to send and receive SMS text messages on macOS 10.15 to make you reachable at all times.

Some applications used in iPhones and iPads are currently usable in Mac. They include Photos, Notes, Messages and iBooks. So, it is possible to get text messages on macOS 10.15 from your Mac.

This means that you do not have to use your iPhone to get text messages & iMessage on macOS 10.15. If your friends do not use iPhones, it does not mean that you cannot send or receive messages on macOS 10.15.

This article will enlighten you on how to send messages to friends using your Mac. It also has information on how to receive messages from non-iPhones.

How to Send and Receive Text Messages on macOS 10.15

Sending Texts from Mac

If you want to send and receive SMS text messages on macOS 10.15 from your Mac, use the following procedure to send;

sending texts from mac

1. In the messaging dock of your Mac, which is at the bottom, go to the “Messages” icon. You can also access this by pressing “Cmd” and “Space Bar,” then begin typing “Messages.”

2. Use the Apple ID that is associated with your iPhone to sign in.

3. Choose the “New Message” icon; it appears as a square icon and is beside the Search field.

4. Put your cursor in the “To:” field. Here is where you type the phone number of the friend you want to contact. You can put the email address as well, which is also used for iMessage.

5. Press “Enter”

6. If you do not have the person’s number but have saved it and synced the Contacts files with Mac, it is possible to include them. Simply click on “+” and add the person from the Contacts.

7. If your friend is using an iPhone, their number gains a blue box. On their end, the text will show up as an iMessage, since it is sent through Apple’s servers. If your friend has set your contacts details on their phone, the iMessage will arrive as a phone number. Otherwise, it will arrive with your Apple ID address as your identifier.

8. If your friend can receive iMessages, use this field to type your message. When done, press “Return” and send it.

replying texts from imessage

Receiving Texts on Mac

Not all your friends or contacts use iPhones and so their numbers gain a red box when added to the “To:” field. Additionally, a message appears claiming “Your message could not be sent.”

However, this does not mean that you cannot send or receive messages on macOS 10.15. Simply set your Mac to get text messages on macOS 10.15 from a non-iPhone.

Use the following procedure;

1. On your Mac and iPhone, sign in to iCloud using your Apple ID.

2. On your Mac, access “System Preferences. “

3. Go to “iCloud” and sign in. Ensure to use the Apple login details.

4. On your iPhone, confirm that the Apple ID account is the same; then access “Settings” and proceed to “iCloud.”

5. On your Mac, access “Messages”

6. On your iPhone, go to the “Settings,” and then “Messages”; tap on “Text Messages Forwarding.”

7. Here, you will find your Mac listed. It will have an on and off slider on the side. Turn this slider to green to enable you to send and get text messages.

enabling sending and receiving of texts from non iphones

8. A message will appear requesting you to enter the code showing on Mac. This is to allow you to send and receive SMS text messages on macOS 10.15, even if they are iPhone text messages. Tap on the number and wait as the device does verification.

Your friend’s non-iPhone mobile number will gain a green box, indicating that you can send and receive SMS text messages on macOS 10.15.

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send or receive messages on macOS 10.15

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send or receive messages on macOS 10.15

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